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  1. @andrewilley Thanks for taking a look! Hmm it doesn't reproduce for me all the time either, I'll watch out to see if I happen to be doing anything else when the bug happens, hopefully can find a reliable way to reproduce it... I'm using a Oneplus5T on Android 9 stock rom, 8GB RAM, and 50GB out of 120GB space free
  2. I still experience this issue. If you open the artists/albums list and seek directly to a letter without swiping up/down at all, only a few of the album covers now on screen will load in, the rest stay as placeholders. Once you swipe-scroll slightly, the rest start to load in, so it seems like seeking to a letter doesn't properly tell the album covers to load. I have the albums and artists lists in 'grid - small' mode. I'm on Poweramp version build-905-arm64-play, and Android 9.
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