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Save selected album art in the file?


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Hi, 1st great player, the best, been using it for many years ;)

Is there a way when you select an album art (long press) that it is saved in the file (not seperatly in any folder) ? 

I just changed phone and copied my files over and now realized I have to reselect all the art. 

Thanks in advance! 

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Why isn't this possible?? It was a nightmare to get the right cover for my fairly big library. Picking the right covers all manually. At least I want to be sure my work won't be for nothing if I switch phones. I'm begging you add this feature, so many people request this. 

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Guys, better embed the Album Art to your songs using a software like mp3tag in your computers. That will save you big time. Plus, you can edit and assign complete tags. Afterwards, copy over to your phone's storage. In my end, I have a library of songs saved and backed up in a hard drive, so just in case micro sd fails (knock-on-wood), I won't regret anything.

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It doesn't matter if you select an image that already exists on your device or from the built in Poweramp web search, Poweramp automatically saves whatever artwork you choose to your internal memory @ /android/data/_com.max.mpz.audio/selected_aa/

All you have to do is Copy+Paste this folder to your SD Card or Computer and Copy+Paste to your new phone. Restart Poweramp.

In short, backup that folder to your SD card, backup your SD Card to your computer = no worries.


This also works for all the other folders that hold the chosen artwork:
/selected playlist/

Backup all of those as well. Copy and paste. No losses.


/album_art/ is how you manipulate Poweramp to show a certain artwork for the album, but not on any of the actual songs. Last I checked you had to manually put an image in here to get this feature to work. It basically makes Poweramp act the same way as it does in Folder Hierarchy view when it sees folder.jpg

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