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  1. Hi, 1st great player, the best, been using it for many years Is there a way when you select an album art (long press) that it is saved in the file (not seperatly in any folder) ? I just changed phone and copied my files over and now realized I have to reselect all the art. Thanks in advance!
  2. I also beleive that this feature would be highly apreciated by many
  3. I also would like the lyrics to show up on top of the album art (alpha blended). So maybe this option in Settings: -Alway shows lyrics on top of album art (if available in tag) : y/n This way when the lyrics are available they are displayed automatically if setting = yes If setting=no, then 2 menu options - Show lyrics : On top of album art (same as above) / New window pane (full screen) Then if not available, ask to download...
  4. Hi, This is the best player by far, what would make it perfect for those who have large library organized by multiple genres would be the following Improvement : Multiple genres examples: Electronic; Trance; Progressive Classic; Modern Special genres examples (further grouping): Electronic; Chill; Psy; +Vocals Electronic; Trance; /Melancholic Electronic; Downtempo; +Vocals Electronic; House; +Transition Option to change the way Genres are shown in the browser : Separated (Ex. All songs with vocals) Electronic Chill Psy +Vocals… Concatenated (Ex. All Psy-Chill songs with vocals) Electronic; Chill; Psy; +Vocals Electronic; Downtempo; +Vocals… Allow more complex search within Genres (AND, OR, NOT…) Thanks,
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