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USB AUX adapter not recognized as USB DAC. Google/Moshi


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I just got the official Google "Headphone Adapter" USB C to AUX...(the same one that comes with the Pixel 3.)

I also got the better Moshi USB-C Digital Audio Adapter (2nd gen) with charging P/N: 99MO084246  24-bit/96khz

Both purchased from Google Store.

Poweramp v3 build 805-play Full version does not see these adapters as USB DAC, but as "Wired Headset/AUX".

No option to enable OpenSL ES HD output.

I am testing these out on my 1st Gen Pixel XL....before I spend the money on the Pixel 3.

Sound routes through them fine, but using the non HD and oly at 16bit/48khz...even on the one with the better DAC.

Is this a Poweramp thing...or is it that I am using these on a 1st gen Pixel?  

Anyone with these same adapters can confirm that they have working HD output on any Pixel phone?


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9 hours ago, maxmp said:

Android usually recognized these as USB audio accessory => i.e. Headset. Poweramp can't change that, but if Hi-Res is supported by the device, it usually works OK.

That doesn't make sense. Why would they do this tough as they have an independent DAC in the adapter...same as my Fiio USB DAC.

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16 hours ago, maxmp said:

This is not a bug, and Poweramp just uses the info as system provides. There is no any difference in audio or anything - it’s just an information label+ separate audio output settings in PA.

From Chord Mojo, I can see the output is constantly 192KHz regardless the different settings I tried with Poweramp. Is this normal? Because when I use Fiio Music, the output sampling rate will change according to the music file, e.g. 44KHz, 88KHz and etc.

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Actually, there are plans for output sampling rate following track rate option.

But, this option won't work well for many devices in term of volume levels (I guess, where it does kind-of-work, the actual output should be sampled and verified vs hi-res spectrum) as many devices apply +6db or higher volume on hi-res output (>=96khz), and don't apply it for <= 48khz. This is due to specific device amplifier modes / mixer gains for hi-res outputs.

Now imagine you have hi-res + non-hi-res mixed collection and listen it in shuffle mode.

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For me, the point of this topic thread...is that the USB dongle adapter DAC is not detected as an external DAC with HD audio support, as it is and should be. AND that one adapter that is advertised to do 24-bit/96khz, is not detected as so or outputs in that way with Poweramp...where another USB DAC is detected and does.  I know this Moshi adapter does work at 24-bit/96khz when i hook up to my pc. And yes, there a big difference in audio quality when the DAC is stuck in 16bit/48khz.

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So, an app update appeared a short time ago today (V3-build-811-play)

With "better USB DAC recognition on some devices"  listed in the the changes.

This new version,  both the Google USB C to AUX and the MOSHI adapter are recognized by PA as a USB DAC now and High Res output on my Pixel 3!

That is excellent improvement. 

However, my FiiO Alpen 2 E17K USB DAC still is stuck at 16/48 and won't do its proper 24/96 that it will do on my 1st gen Pixel XL.

That DAC would nice to get working correctly, but I just picked up a FiiO BTR3 that is BT 5.0 and LDAC and that sounds pretty damn close in quality to the wired E17K and makes my VMODA Crossfade Wireless headphones proper BT wireless.  (the BT chip built into the headphones is only SBC).

Thanks for your continued work on Poweramp!

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