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  1. speedingcheetah

    Poweramp alpha build-709

    There no updates for my headunit(BT762HD) since 2015. They don't ever seem to update them. The metadata thing been working fine even in 8.1 until recently. I havn't changed any of those settings and they are enabled. And yea, your way out of date if your on 6.0.1 rom. My Pixel XL is on 8.1.0 July 5 '18 update.
  2. speedingcheetah

    Poweramp alpha build-709

    Noticed that Poweramp is no longer sending track info over BT to my cars Kenwood head unit. Not sure when that started happen. I worked fine a month or so ago, maybe the July 5 update for my Pixel XL broke it? Not a big deal. Also had the cant verify license popup thing once today, but it went away and still works fine.
  3. speedingcheetah

    Poweramp alpha build-709

    That fact was not stated in the post i was replying to....
  4. speedingcheetah

    Poweramp alpha build-709

    Pixel 2 does not have an AUX jack....it use tiny USB DAC in its C port to aux jack dongle. Other dongles have different DACs.
  5. speedingcheetah

    Poweramp alpha build-709

    I have the opposite experience. Using Open SL ES HD on BT sounds better than non HD or the default Android setting. Set Float 32 and No headroom gain options....sounds awesome with my 2 BT Sony earbud sets both do LDAC. And also the sounds awesome with my Kenwood car head unit that supports AptX. I also notice a improvement when using my USB DAC and Vmoda Cossfade Wireless headphones (in wired mode).
  6. speedingcheetah

    Poweramp alpha build-709

    I had high res output when on 7.1.2....so why would they disable it on there own phone in 8.1? Google added in HD audio codecs and such for Bluetooth and all that, with a big focus on improving audio subsystem in Android....so it should support high res.
  7. speedingcheetah

    Poweramp alpha build-709

    Any chance that OpenSL ES HD will be available to use via AUX on the Pixel/Pixel XL (1st gen).?
  8. My display is 4K...so scaling is a nightmare i'm at 200%
  9. The new update is harder on the eyes. Less defined borders and shading. Text is lighter black and thinner. I have to zoom in allot more to even read it. Don't see any preferences options to adjust theme or styles. This is what the world thinks is the future?...so much white space and minimal everything. My eyes are bad enough as they are....😕
  10. speedingcheetah

    hi res output oreo

    Dude!!! LOOK AT THE DATE of the post. That was back last December for alpha build 704. which is 2 years old build. Obsolete now. 706 is an updated recent build where the dev added in the new OpenSL ES HD support and fixed other bugs users have been suffering with since Android 8.0 came out. The settings I mentioned are still correct to get proper sound from that older build. (at least in my experience and testing.) Edit: Also, current build is 709. (not counting the new WIP beta of the new re-designed app)
  11. speedingcheetah

    Poweramp alpha build-709

    I was surprised by a notification to update Poweramp.... No way the new V3 was ready yet...i thought. It isn't....of course... Update to the previous "Alpha" build that I have had for 2 yrs...WOW! What a surprise! Fixed the notification issue..and added OpenSL ES HD. (for USB DAC and BT) Working excellent on my Pixel XL!
  12. I am curious too. I have mine set to 99%
  13. Just tried on my spare phone (Nexus 5X). Forgive me for not reading the entirety of this new 21 page thread...(ill start at it when i can) so many of these points are no doubt already commetned on to death. I saw the update and apk posted to A.P. and did not know of this threads existence until just now after i tested the app. the bookmark i had to the other thread i tried to use is now a locked thread. It crashes like crazy at first when u try to do anything. Cleared cache now its working. I don't see HighRes Output option. EDIT: Found post by Max on page 15 explain why. Its not for 8.0 onward. But the OpenSL ES HD option is there. That works. I cant tell any difference in sound quality from OpenSL ES HD vs the AudioTrack Output option I have been using since 8.0 inorder for my USB DAC to register and output correctly. Audio stops and app crashes if screen turns off or if phone is locked. EDIT: Enabling the "Tweaks" does nothing for me. Where is the "Info" screen where it show all the real time output specs and info like the other version has so that i can be sure what it is infact outputting? EDIT: Found post on page 13 on how to acces this. Also, no Forward/Next buttons. so i cant change song other than swipe...which I am not a fan of. I disable visualization....but it seem the white bars on the bottom are still there. Is this the new "seek" bar. It freaking huge! Needs to be much smaller. The Android Nav bar also refuses to appear when u are in the settings menus.(black theme) Overall, interesting beta update. Once a black theme is there(and the other missing features), just might be able to tolerate the new design. Still can't believe it took so so so long to get this far....but, that topic is irrelevant now. and i have no problem letting it die.
  14. LOL!. Gotta love it when some new user comes in...doenst read any of the previous posts (or use search) and says...hey having this issue, hey this dont work...when there is 95 pages dating back 2yrs+ of the exact same posts. Just lock the whole forum board at this point. LOL!
  15. I'm surprised u haven't quit by now Andre....i mean seriously...this thread is pretty much the only active tread. Its either folks bitching about no update, or an issue they have with current version that cant be fixed. why bother hanging around as a forum mod at this point. Just log off and leave it to the wolves....lol.