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Lockscreen "previous title" not displayed on default


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Hey there,

first of all: great work you did there, especially with the new build. :)

minor issue here, but nevertheless a little annoying atm. searched for this issue in the forum but couldn't find it, hope it hasn't already been reported though.


the "previous title" button is missing by default on the lock screen widget (screenshot 1). i always have to maximize the widget by clicking the drop down button in order to access the "previous title" button (screenshot 2). whereas the status bar widget has the "previous title" button by default (screenshot 3).


i'm running the 795 beta on a "bq aquaris x" with 8.1.0 android.


greets from germany, keep up the good work! :)


1 Lockscreen drop down pending.png

2 Lockscreen drop down.png

3 Status bar dropdown.png

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