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Found 7 results

  1. Build: Poweramp build-933-bundle-play full verified cached Store: Play Unlocker: build-303 Arch: 64 Skin: ActivityTheme_Black Device: asus ASUS_I01WD msmnile ASUS_I01WD EU_I01WD [arm64-v8a, armeabi-v7a, armeabi] Installer: com.android.vending (30.2.18-21 [0] [PR] 442071458) Android: 11 asus/EU_I01WD/ASUS_I01WD:11/RKQ1.200710.002/18.0610.2106.156-0:user/release-keys en_US After the last update to version 933, Poweramp cannot access files on my android 11 phone correctly I cannot enable the permission (see screenshot attached). I tried enabling/disabling the Legacy File Access Mode, I went through every forum post, nothing helps. I cannot select folders, cannot edit tags on my songs, cannot delete songs, half of the album art are not showing anymore. I did not upgrade android, I did not disabled any android component, I did not freeze or uninstalled any app. I just upgraded Poweramp to the latest version 933 and something has changed with the file access method in this version. I tried to install 50 different versions of 'Google Files'/DocumentsUI/alternatives as suggested on the forum, non of them restores the file access correctly (see screenshot of what is built-in in my phone). I tried my old phone with Android 8 and Poweramp 933, no problems there. It uses the Legacy File Access method anyway and has built in Files app, so it was expected. No luck with my Android 11 phone. I got older apk versions (925,921) from the site, but I cannot install them over 933. I need to uninstall the latest version first. The problem is- I cannot export the app settings anymore (see screenshot attached). I need to take screenshots of every screen, equalizer and setting, It will take days of work to restore everything on 925 manually. Please Help.
  2. I'm started to having this problem after android 10 update. My device runs MIUI 11. I already have disabled the absolute volume but it seems like Poweramp can't detect that. Here is the photos of the situation:
  3. There is no sound output from the speaker and wired headphones on the Lineage OS 17.1 (based on Android 10) on the Sony XA2 Ultra phone. The Poweramp versions are used: v3-build-866-uni and v3-build-853-uni Please look at the logcat in the attachemnt. Steps to reproduce: 1. Download and install Poweramp versions listed above from the https://forum.powerampapp.com/files/category/2-Poweramp-v3-latest-releases/ thread 2. Launch Poweramp and give access to directory with audio files (in my case mp3) 3. Press 'Play' button in Poweramp application. Actual results: There is no sound output either from speaker or connected headphones. Expected result: There is a sound output from the speaker or connected headphones. UPD: The issue has been resolved by updating the DSP modem firmware to the latest version. It is not Poweramp related problem. android.log
  4. i can't see my music list when i click i get stuck on the equalizer since android 10
  5. I start Poweramp with sampling rate 44100. Logcat shows that on Hi-Res output the sampling rate switches to android default 48000 Hz by pressing pause on the remote. It does not switch back to 44100 on resuming / play. I think it should stay on 44100 or at least switch back to it. Anybody else with this problem? Any hint to solve this? Phone: LG V30; LG-H930; Rev.1.1 Android 9; Kernel 4.4.153 Poweramp: v3-build-853-arm64-play [853004-eab856f2] Logcat output: <<< log_count = 3 >>> [12-22 10:37:33.087 712:18309 I/audio_hw_lge] lge_get_max_samplerate_for_current_backend sample rate = 44100 backend = 6 mqa_enable = 0, active_mqa_offload = 0 [12-22 10:37:40.139 712:1585 I/audio_hw_lge] lge_get_max_samplerate_for_current_backend sample rate = 48000 backend = 6 mqa_enable = 0, active_mqa_offload = 0 [12-22 10:37:43.400 712:1585 I/audio_hw_lge] lge_get_max_samplerate_for_current_backend sample rate = 48000 backend = 6 mqa_enable = 0, active_mqa_offload = 0
  6. Today I updated Poweramp and I noticed that the Hi-Res AUX output does not work anymore at the 384 kHz frequency, instead it works at frequencies under 192 kHz (included). I also tried to enable the Hi-Fi Quad DAC on the phone but nothing changes. SPECS: - LG G7 Android 9; - Poweramp build 839 for arm 64.
  7. After every reboot the eq and bass and treble are disabled.
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