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title sequence ignores tags

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I am using the app for years now, and I am very sattisfied with the product.

However since a couple of days ago, the track order was messed up in quite an eratic way. With eratic, I mean 

  • behaviour different from album to album
  • behaviour different from try to try (especially, when rebuilding the library between trys)
  • sequence of track listing different from order in which the tracks are played
  • no pattern visible

To rule out, that my library was simply to big (ca 17000 songs on the phone), I deleted all music and put 3 albums freshly on the phone: 2 Operas with 3 CDs each and 1 Audiobook with 10 CDs.

Behaviour now:

  • behaviour is consistent now (compare above)
  • tracks are not replayed in order defined by the TRACK tag, but in lexical order of the TITLE tag
  • TRACK tags are recognised as they are shown in app (INFO/TAGS section)
  • Tagging is done with freeware mp3tag (has been working fine in the past years)


  • Is there a way to tell, when the libraty is becoming too big, are there known limits (number of albums, number of titles etc.)
  • Is there a way to tell the app, wether you want the tracks in lexical order of the TITLE tags and how to turn this off?
  • Any further idea (other than re-tagging thousands of files)

Kind Regards 


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To set the sort order (which is different for each library category - Albums, Artists, Folders, etc) go into the category display that you want to adjust and tap Menu > List Options. There is a separate List Options available at the songs level too (again, this can be set up independently for each of the different category modes).


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