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Poweramp v2 cant read my embedded lyrics on mp3tag

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Hello... I need assistance here



I had mp3 with lyrics embedded on it.. i used pc software called mp3tag in tagging lyrics... The lyrics was tag under "UNSYNCEDLYRICS" on mp3tag..

Then when i play it on Poweramp the mp3 was playing just like normal but after i command it to show lyrics on the upper right menu it prompt that the mp3 has no lyrics tag on it...
So i want to know if tagging lyrics on "UNSYNCEDLYRICS" is right or ill need to change it?
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Yeah really weird.. no nothing in any of my songs showing lyrics I had 1000+ songs and about 700 on it had lyrics.. lol I think this is a very rare problem. I googled the whole day and still no luck..

But thanks for replying, knowing that "UNSYNCEDLYRICS"  tag was not the problem, it's time for me to do some extra deep searching and experiment..

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15 hours ago, andrewilley said:

That should be the right tag as far as I know. Do any of your songs display lyics?


PROBLEM SOLVED: it's just a simple settings that i missed

I forgot that there's a settings under Player UI that can change lyrics default. And i change that a year ago when i try musicmatch lol i leave it here for someone stupid as me who encounter this stupidity also lol.. 



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