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  1. max you were disappointing me.. the shuffling queue is still a problem to me.. please fix it please please
  2. the queue list is still shuffling.. please fix
  3. why the *** the queue list is shuffling??? please give us option to ignore the shuffle mode when queue begin..
  4. thanks two of my problems was fixed in this update.. added sort by time played, and it now return to the list after playing the queue.. thanks Dev. but please let us disable the delete option just like in v2 and one other problem when the "shuffle all" is enable it ignores the queue, please fix that.. i already mention that last time..
  5. another problem about the queuing system... queue was not working when the player is in (shuffle all) mode.. it ignores the queue and continue shuffling the current list..
  6. please add an option in recently played list, to sort the songs according to the time it was played..
  7. thanks dev. the bug in entering and leaving the queue error was fix... that was fast. but i wonder why after finishing the queue it repeated the song it was last played before entering the queue.. it should play other song just like the alpha version..
  8. yes i like that too.. i want to see cover art and with the background visualisation that's pretty cool..
  9. recently played song list should sort according to the time they played... there's no such option to do that...
  10. my big problem about this update was the app is not responding when entering and leaving the queue.. please fix that.
  11. Integration to access your spotify library, quite impossible but if that's happen Poweramp will be GOD!!!
  12. Can i install both playstore version v2 and beta version v3 on the same phone? I'm asking if it is possible and how?.
  13. Yeah but it's better if i can do that without leaving Player screen.
  14. I disable the album art animation on settings, then after a few swipe left to change track, about 5-10 swipes suddenly the album art stop showing only black,, the track was changing, only the album failing to show.. My visualization was disabled at that time.
  15. The font size of lyrics on current version even on build 703 was really small. It's better if we can adjust that... No need to take a closer look at screen..
  16. Maybe put it on top or holding the queue section will pop up button to clear queue
  17. After queuing some songs from different folders the "next track" meta on bottom was blank, most of the time it's show the next track but sometimes it's blank.. The album art on main screen shows different album art from my other songs, I experience it about 3 times.
  18. I'll check it out thanks.. I don't mind about skins, custom skins is only for kids lol.. I'm more concerned about on sound quality and ease of use....
  19. PROBLEM SOLVED: it's just a simple settings that i missed I forgot that there's a settings under Player UI that can change lyrics default. And i change that a year ago when i try musicmatch lol i leave it here for someone stupid as me who encounter this stupidity also lol..
  20. Oh that's a great news thanks, now i can wait for the next version peacefully lol...
  21. Yeah really weird.. no nothing in any of my songs showing lyrics I had 1000+ songs and about 700 on it had lyrics.. lol I think this is a very rare problem. I googled the whole day and still no luck.. But thanks for replying, knowing that "UNSYNCEDLYRICS" tag was not the problem, it's time for me to do some extra deep searching and experiment..
  22. I loved this product it's perfect but every people used it differently.. and for me the only feature i really want is adding swipe to quick search or any gesture to navigate to quick search on main interface... Or if that's not possible please add a big search button on main interface.. In current version the only way to search is tapping on top right menu and navigate to search option that's already convenient but i want a much faster. Or if possible add quick search on notification bar that's all thanks..
  23. Hello... I need assistance here I had mp3 with lyrics embedded on it.. i used pc software called mp3tag in tagging lyrics... The lyrics was tag under "UNSYNCEDLYRICS" on mp3tag.. Then when i play it on Poweramp the mp3 was playing just like normal but after i command it to show lyrics on the upper right menu it prompt that the mp3 has no lyrics tag on it... So i want to know if tagging lyrics on "UNSYNCEDLYRICS" is right or ill need to change it?
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