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Payment required for bought Unlocker?

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I have a problem with my Unlocker app. I have got custom rom (ZappryanovROM v6.0 for S5Neo) for my device and installed Poweramp on it. It worked perfectly. But I forgot to install Unlocker. When i go to PlayStore trying to install Unlocker which I purchased in november 2015 it redirects me to purchasing. I have it in my Library, I can press install, but after that I get a popup with purchase.. The same situation is when I search for Unlocker.




Screenshot from Google purchase history attached.




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Thanks for response. 

As You can see on the screenshot this is exact the same account I have purchased Unlocker with. Second one is in other currency. I can see it in my purchase history, in app library but can't install it because it takes me to payment window directly. 


I have just purchased it once again. Hopefully I will not get this kind of issue again. 


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