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  1. I have let it load. did not press any button at all. Google play doesn't start installing it automatically that is the problem. I did not get any email for all the 5 times i have tried. Edit:- I just used my friend's credit card to buy the app. Thanks anyway @andrewilley & @John Titor Should i mark this as solution?
  2. Ok i see. I'll mail both google and PA support about this. About the pricing - I live in India. That is why the app is cheaper on play store for me. Thanks.
  3. Yes I saw two separate refunds. I tried once again today but the same happened. The purchase didn't went through. I don't think I can purchase from the site. The price is 5x the price on play store
  4. No, the refund was actually for both the attempts. Okay i'll wait for a day. i'll see if i should download from the website.
  5. Thanks for quick reply. I just checked my Gpay transaction history and it seems my account was credited with the exact amount i paid for the app. Was this done from the devs side? Also I would like to purchase the app from the non google pay method as the google play method doesnt seem to be working. Also the unlocker doesn't show up in my google account order history.
  6. I tried to download the unlocker from the playstore and pay with Gpay which is linked to my bank account, after the payment was processed through Gpay the unlocker app did not start downloading, Even though I got a message from my bank that money has been debited. So i tried the process once again and it still didnt work and the app did not start downloading. So this way i have paid twice the price of the app. I have transaction receipts within Gpay and also from my bank as proof of this happening. I also am not using a rooted phone or phone with custom rom on it Things i have already tried doing but didn't work:- 1)Clearing Cache and data of the play store app. 2) re logining my google account on the play store. The unlocker also doesnt not show up in the recently downloaded apps section of manage apps page of the play store.
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