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Popping Noise during all media playback.


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Hello everybody,
I have a problem that's been bugging me since forever.
I'm currently using Poweramp v3 alpha-703 with the full version 2-build-26 unlocker (bought from the Play-Store) on my HTC One M8 (EU version, unlocked) with Lineage OS 14.1 (Nightly 20170406) and no matter what I do or change I hear a popping noise in quiet parts of all my MP3s.

HERE'S AN EXAMPLE RECORDING (You can hear it around the 3 sec mark).
It's much more pronounced in reality and seems to be in the lower frequencies.


I had the same issue running CyanogenMod 13 a few weeks ago (just switched to LOS 14.1 recently).

I have the same issue across all my headphones (Audio-Technica M50X & AD700X / Zero Audio ZH-DX200-CT / Superlux HD668B).

Both DVC enabled and disabled don't change the result.

I'm not using the EQ of Lineage OS (AudioFX) and have disabled PowerAmps build in EQ.

I'm using the SoX Resampler with a 95% Cutoff Frequency, default settings don't remove the popping.

I'm using the OpenSL ES Output, EQ/Tone disabled, default Buffer Size (increasing buffer size didn't fix it).

Using Wakelock and Keep Service in the Misc Tweaks doen't fix the issue.

Other Music/Video Players don't have this issue (tested VLC & MX Player, Google Play Music, CM Eleven)

My MP3 files are usually 44.1KHz 320Kbps, sometimes lower quality, they are not corrupted and play without this pop-noise on other devices/players.

I have granted Poweramp all permissions (Phone & Storage), neither the internal storage nor my SD-Card are encrypted.

Since I usually use an SD-Card I put my files on the internal storage of my device and played them from there, the issue persisted.

I've uninstalled/reinstalled both Poweramp and the Unlocker multiple times, I have wiped my Device, App and ART/Dalvic cache several times.


Please someone suggest something that I have not tried yet, I'm starting to lose my mind here. Poweramp is by far the best Android music player I've come across, I actually baught it twice, once from the official website and then again from the playstore to try if the updated Unlocker would change anything (it didn't obviously).
If someone told me that the issue is my current OS or some missing HTC audio driver I'd be at least somewhat relieved, then I could try using another ROM or Viper4Android but those are time consuming to switch to and I'd rather keep my current config.

Thank you for reading, any and all input is very much appreciated.


A&B - Surge (Test Recording).m4a

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Thank you for the reply, I will try that.

Can I import my settings and EQs from the alpha back into the stable release or are the backup formats incompatible?

EDIT: Seems like the issue persists, I might have to switch to another player for the time being. Damn, either I have too sensitive ears or this really is an anomaly.

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