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  1. Oh yes +1 for sure! I'm looking forward to buy one of these phones and Poweramp is my favorite music player app so... this would be awesome!
  2. Thanks for the update,new seek bar is what I was looking for, but the ALBUMARTIST tag in ape files are still being ignored...
  3. OK I've tested some APE and WV files, ReplayGain problem is still there, but looks like foobar and mp3tag has some different tagging methods for APEv2, adding disk number in foobar results in DISC tag and doing so in mp3tag adds DISCNUMBER, and looks like Poweramp only reads DISCNUMBER tags. It's the opposite for the album artist tag, mp3tag adds ALBUMARTIST tag while foobar adds ALBUM ARTIST which looks like Poweramp uses ALBUM ARTIST for APEv2, this can be a little annoying while tagging files, if the app look for both fields it would solve the problem... I don't know what causes the Re
  4. @maxmp Hi. Looks like this has been reported before, but still isn't fixed: I'm using build 814 and the app ignores ReplayGain tags while playing Wavpack and Hybrid Wavepack files... I don't have this problem when playing APE files, which use the same tag type (APEv2). Another issue is that Album Artist tag gets ignored too, in both APE and Wavpack files... Hope this will be fixed at future builds. Thanks.
  5. I Used to have large artworks embedded in my music too, but found this useful website: https://www269.lunapic.com/editor/ Just upload your artwork and select scale image and scale it to 600x600 or whatever you like,It doesn't reduce quality at all, also you can edit your artwork, I always saturate colors a bit, brighten the darker ones etc... But that's up to you.
  6. That actually worked! thanks! 😄 I see... Thanks max 😉
  7. I'm aware of that option and it's disabled, but it's still running in the background
  8. Hi. My phone has limited resources, and recently I found out that Poweramp service is running in background and uses about 27MB of ram, that may not be much, but my favorite game crashes due to limited ram and Poweramp service makes it worse... how can I disable the service so when i close Poweramp it won't run in the background?
  9. @maxmpI second that, moving the three dots down too would be great.
  10. Happened to me too a few times, when albums last track finishes playing, it starts again but it looks like it isn't playing (play button doesn't turn to pause button). I use bass extreme equalizer with tone option disabled, album replay gain enabled, sox resampler with low shibata dithering, all other audio options are default ones. music files are 16bit 44.1kHz flac. my phone is LG Magna with android 6.0 and I'm listening through earphones.
  11. Hi. I just wanted to share my experience with you guys... I have a pair of cheap speakers for my pc, they don't sound bad at all but nothing special... I mostly listen to heavier music anything that doesn't sound like crap *cough* modern pop and rap *cough* All of my music is in lossless format... But most of the times I was using my headphones because... EVERYTIME I tried to attach my speaker to my phone and listen to some damn songs through speakers... using ANY PLAYER (I've tried all the popular ones) with ANY SETTINGS... There was this very very annoying noise play
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