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  1. The title mentions about noise produced by Poweramp V2. Listening to great music via Poweramp is like visiting nirvana a second chance -- and all of sudden our ears are annoyed by a nefarious noise similar to the after-effects of cereal poured with milk. To stomp that noise (hopefully forever!), based on my experience, I use 'auto-start manager' application. I turn off ALL auto running programs except Messaging, Alarm Clock, and Equalizer. Next restart the device, allow the booting process and run Poweramp. Voila! Return to pure music. No noise only blissful voices and melodious instrume
  2. Thanks for your experiment. Allow me to clarify again: I got this problem when my album collection reached more than 140 albums ( a whopping 17,5 GB! ). My previous collection was barely 20 albums and included Rock Classics and Classic Rock. Believe me, it was in perfect order! No overlapping between albums. Adding another 100 albums made Poweramp lost its ability to organize it correctly. Rock Classics and Classic Rock became one album! My workaround was to edit the ID3 info on both albums and came like this: just add another word on the title album Epic Classic Rock. The word 'Epic
  3. Okay. I shall try the v2 first. Thanks.
  4. Thank you for your suggestions, Mr Willey. Numerous times I did what you'd suggested, the result still the same anomalies. Odd thing happened after my latest posting above (the Breaking News), barely 10 minutes later I saw my music albums were disorganized again by Poweramp! To my dismay, Poweramp hid my FLAC album and after searching it was overlapped in another album with almost the same title (i.e. tag), Classic Rock. An album entitled Rock Classics and another Classic Rock, both had different performers, but for Poweramp both albums were performed by similar artists and added on one
  5. BREAK!NG NEWS! At last I found the crux of the problem! After nearly one hour searching my 17,5 GB music collection, I had finally culled the offending album that caused Poweramp's inability to read the spot-on total number of albums. It was just a single album with incorrect ID3 tags. I put my blame on to TuneFab Spotify Converter. I am an avid Spotify subscriber and need high-quality offline music collection so I trusted on that music converter. TunesFab was great doing its job converting all Spotify albums -- except for that particular album with no ID3 tags. The bottom line? I a
  6. Yes, the misarranged albums were found only on Poweramp album folder. For example on the competitor's and Google Play Music the albums of Catherine Jenkins & Celine Dion were both side-by-side. Whereas Poweramp sorts it differently: Catherine Jenkins next to John Denver! And that was the beginning of the funny arrangement. (Note: I picked the default arrangement). Another odd thing happened with Poweramp's scanning music folders: I tried to prevent it from searching 'notification sounds' on my internal storage. Well, it did include that particular folder! Choosing the option of fewer
  7. Kudos to your feedback, sir. This morning I made an experiment with a different 2015 smartphone but with the same brand, Asus. I copied the same number of music albums from my PC to a similar size Samsung SD card 32 GB. Poweramp & its competitor are also installed on the ol' Asus Zenfone 4 (2015). Finished copying the music albums/files, I inserted the SD card, turned on the smartphone. Wait for another minute and ran Poweramp first. Checked its music folder and -- oh, to my dismay it still missing one item, still 149. Such a contrast with Poweramp's competitor and Google Play Music.
  8. My trusty Poweramp 2.0.10-build-588-play currently gives me a headache. The total number of my music album collection is puzzling. According to Poweramp, I have 149 albums of music. Nevertheless, Google Play Music and Poweramp's competitor (!) show 150 albums. Both the latter are correct! Troubleshooting method proceeds as (1) Rescan, (2) Full Rescan, (3) Turn off 'Auto Scan', (4) Clear Poweramp cache, (5) Clear Poweramp data ... the last thing is deleting the music folder in the micro SD card and hoping a miracle would happen -- next, copying back all my music collection from my computer to t
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