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Snap, Crackle And Pop

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The title mentions about noise produced by Poweramp V2.  Listening to great music via Poweramp is like visiting nirvana a second chance -- and all of sudden our ears are annoyed by a nefarious noise similar to the after-effects of cereal poured with milk.

To stomp that noise (hopefully forever!), based on my experience, I use 'auto-start manager' application. I turn off ALL auto running programs except Messaging, Alarm Clock, and Equalizer. Next restart the device, allow the booting process and run Poweramp. Voila! Return to pure music. No noise only blissful voices and melodious instruments! Got my ticket back to Valhalla with Poweramp (accompanied by vestal angels).

Hopefully, my workaround works for your noisy Poweramp.

*My device: Asus Zenfone Max equipped with its built-in Mobile Manager (Auto Start Manager).

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