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  1. @maxmp @clever_man In some cases, when the option "shuffle all" is enabled, playback in the "all songs" category does not advance automatically. Instead playback just stops after the current song with the error toast "failed to play next song" showing.
  2. @maxmp My App crashes if I click the (>>>) and (<<<) buttons in Pro Mode. ?
  3. Bump. I have the same issue on 795 currently. I don't hear my notification sound when Poweramp is playing but it still dips to 0 volume (i.e. no sound at all) for a solid 3 seconds. Pretty annoying.
  4. That's weird, it doesn't do that for me somehow. Maybe I need to reinstall, I'll give that a try later...
  5. @maxmp Could you please bring back the function where the previous search input is selected already so we can quickly override or delete it via keyboard input? It's a bit annoying that I have to manually select the previous input everytime I want to do a new or clean search.
  6. Same issue here, you can also reset it by launching the App from the drawer, but it's annoying.
  7. I'm not Ecksdee, but I am running an Axon 7 as well. Lineage OS 14.1 is a pretty common ROM for Axon 7 users. Some people use AEX now since that is one of the few Oreo ROMs for the Axon 7, LOS 15.1 hasn't arrived yet but is rumored to be released soon. I'll report back once LOS 15.1 is available to see if HiRes works on there. Anyway, my Poweramp Version 709 shows this when I enable HiRes-Output and plug in Headphones: And here's a screenshot of the OS details, latest nightly, Android 7.1.2, etc. @maxmp Hope this helps. If you need any more data, maybe a debug
  8. I'm honestly quite hopeful about the new Poweramp version, even if it takes a few more months into the new year to release. The last release is still the gold standard for Android Music Players today, even if some Oreo features aren't supported. If the new release hits it will probably be very stable, ready for daily use and Max will have a solid milestone to work from. At least that's what I think will happen after all the time and care he's been putting into it.
  9. @andrewilley in Lineage OS 14.1 (which is based on Android 7.1.2) I have the option under "Security" > "Screen Lock" to enable "directly show pattern view", which brings up the unlock PIN or unlock pattern directly after turning the screen on ... I personally prefer to see the "notification screen" first tho, since I mostly just want a quick peek at the time and Lineage allows me to answer instant-messages directly from their lockscreen notification anyway. But yeah, you are right, some changes seem shoehorned into there. I'm a sucker for new features tho ;P And it has the added b
  10. In software development terms a beta is a fully featured release after component testing, which means that all bugs the Dev himself finds are fixed at that point. An alpha in comparison is a software version with core functionalities only which is then improved upon in small increments. So technically Max is right when he calls it a beta, and apparently he still has to implement and fix a lot of features for it to be beta-worthy... :/
  11. @Notaries Oh man, seriously? You even directly quote my post in which I state that that download is from April 2016, and yet you "provide" that exact same version. The second line of the "About This File" section clearly states that it is from APRIL 2016. I was asking @clever_man for the >>latest<< release, the one that has been in the making since ... not the one that's clearly out for over a year. Context matters people, read the posts!
  12. I think they are real, but it would certainly help if they came directly from the source, so Max himself. I also trust that you have the alpha version but some people said it might be from another app. A screenshot with the Poweramp logo on it, some menu and option panel screenshots would probably be enough to prove that it is real.
  13. @clever_man "Dropping an update" means "releasing an update", it's slang Since you have contact to Max: could you ask him if it's possible to get some official screenshots from him, just to clear up the confusion and settle the UI discussion? Thank you in advance!
  14. @musiclover @clever_man That's not the point here. If he took 3 years silently working on a new release and just released it out of the blue no one would complain. But that isn't the case here; the Dev said he wanted to release an update, users were asked what they wanted, a poll was made, release dates were announced, the release was pushed back multiple times over 2 years. That has nothing to do with entitlement, it has everything to do with broken promises. The arguement that "updates are optional" is not correct either. If you sell a product and promise certain funct
  15. This looks ok, the saving grace is the blurred background but what player doesn't have that these days. The issue I have is that it has nothing to do with material design. Google has published official guidelines for that and the new layout doesn't comply with them at all. As Andrew said, at this point I wish he would've left the navigation and animations alone, maybe add a quick "official material skin" and focus on audio and feature improvements from there on. Sadly this one man operation seems fairly unorganised since not even the mod of this official forum has alpha access (
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