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20170220_225143.pngWhen I try to edit my tags it bring me to my file system...

I don't know whether it is a bug or a problem with my device. I am using a galaxy s7 (not edge) running Android 6.0.1 and Poweramp version               alpha-build-703-play (full version)

In the images when I hit grant access it brings me to my file system...

I have cleared all app preferences for opening up other apps and it still insists that I use the file manager. I don't know what to do... that is why I am here. 

● Also a couple of side notes:        

~The lock screen functionality does not work... it works once I am past my system lock screen but not while my device is locked.

~My volume buttons do not work while my phone is locked or at the lock screen and in addition the Poweramp volume only changes by 1% every tick (every time I hit the volume buttons)

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For the lockscreen, try using the system vs Poweramp/s own lockscreen, in case that makes any difference (Settings > Lock Screen)

Grant Access should only be needed for external SD cards because Google broke (deliberately) write access to SD Cards by apps. It should not be needed for internal memory. Try to DELETE an unneeded music file on the SD Card first, and when the Grant Access message appears you should select the root directory of the SD Card. Hopefully that will properly unlock access and enable you to modify files in future. Alternatively, you could root your phone and turn read/write access to the SD Card on permanently for other apps too (which is what I do). 


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