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Found 6 results

  1. Hi, From past few months I'm unable to change actual sample rates in Hi-Res output mode. It was working fine before that. Now when i select any sample rate, the actual rate stays at 48khz. This issue started happening after i started using AutoEQ app called "Wavelet" that models sound signature to match my headphones. I had noticed before that this app can't process anything above or below 48khz, so naturally i won't use it with Poweramp when I'm gonna listen anything of Hi-Res. Troubleshooting: (a) So far i had tried uninstalling Wavelet app cause i had read somewhere on this forum that some audio apps may "hook" earlier into android's audio system than Poweramp does, so that Poweramp will lose the "authority" over the audio output. (b) Wiped all caches from TWRP recovery. (c) Uninstalled and reinstalled Poweramp. My system: Xiaomi Poco F1 running unrooted Arrow OS (Android 11) Poweramp v939 from playstore.
  2. Hey Max! You said that the "Hi-Res" Output of PA bypasses the Android mixer and resampling. When I'm using the Hi-Res Output for output device: Bluetooth and manually setting up Sample Rate as per audio file rate (E.g. 44.1 kHz), the PA Resampler is getting bypassed, but the Audio Info shows that the Hi-Res Output is resampled from 44.1 kHz to 96kHz. My question is how the audio is getting resampled? Is it resampling by SOC or Android mixer?
  3. Matching the Hi-res output's sample rate with the audio file's sample rate automatically?
  4. Yeah, I've noticed that Poweramp's audio output actually doesn't fix the sample rate to match the file sample rate and evite unnecessary resampling. Now, if I use the Hi-res output (Realme RMX2020, MTK Hi-Fi) the resampler goes up to 192 kHz and then Android downsamples to 48 kHz, which is completely useless. For comparison, UAPP is actually capable of fix the sample rate to 44.1 kHz without more complications. If I'm wrong with what I'm saying or if I'm missing something, I'd appreciate your help and opinion.
  5. Hello everyone. I've purchased Poweramp awhile back and have used it with no issues on my Galaxy S9 along with my Tempotec Sonata HD Pro DAC capable of 384kHz/32bit output. On the S9 it would default to 192khz/24bit output with the Audiotrack output selected in the audio settings. I've purchased a new phone (Xiaomi Poco X3) running MIUI 12.0.2 Android Q. Upon installing Poweramp (v3, b884), the output of the USB DAC is limited to 48kHz/16bit on both OpenSL and Audiotrack. I could alter the sampling rate by enabling Hi-res output, but that introduces a lot of latency. On the S9 with Audiotrack output selected, the sampling rate was 192kHz with low latency of around 80ms compared to the Xiaomi hi-res output having 200ms with 96kHz selected. My questions are: 1) What could be causing this issue? My guess is the stock player interferes with Poweramp's direct access to USB audio. 2) Is there a difference in altering the sampling rate on Hi-res output vs allowing the native sampling rate of the device (192kHz/24bit) to be utilized when Audiotrack output is used? Thanks and hope you could help me out. Attached are screenshots of the issue in question. https://i.imgur.com/ctVfnEn.jpg
  6. I know there are other people posting about this issue but whenever I choose the sample rate to be anything above 192kHz it drastically lowers the volume. This never happened to me before I received the pie update. Is this an issue with my phone or does Poweramp need to come out with an update to fix this issue? So I'm not messing around with all my settings you know lol. Figured I'd ask everybody else. Thanks in advance
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