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  1. You can turn Poweramp's lockcreen features off from the Poweramp Settings menu if you want to change to another lockscreen app which you feel might clash.

    However you must not remove the Poweramp Unlocker from your apps list, as that is the bit that gives you the full features rather than trial version (it has nothing to do with the Android lockscreen, it just unlocks the app).


  2. Once you've installed a kernel, changing the setting itself would be trivial. I alter mine in a little app called STweaks.

    However, installing a new kernel in the first place is not for the faint hearted, and requires you to root your device and install some very low-level firmware using special software. If you are not careful don't do it exactly right, you run the risk of bricking your device (i.e. leaving it with no working operating system to allow the phone to boot). Also, Samsung are getting very fussy about not providing warranty support for rooted devices (and this has got worse since they introduced their Knox security software, which I think is on the Note 3). So, yes you can try it, but you really do need to know exactly what you're getting into before you start.


  3. That'd be a great idea. There are already control buttons for next/prev track and next/prev album anyway, so it'd be nice to be able to reassign the duplicated artwork-swipe feature to other actions.

    I have wanted for ages to have a skip feature (e.g. back 10 seconds, or forward 30 secs) for easier navigation through long tracks, and a left/right swipe function (as an option) would be a perfect way to handle that - especially when I'm driving, which is when I tend to want it most.

    What do you think Max, is this something worth considering? Could be a very versatile feature.


  4. I found that there was some low-level background hiss on my Galaxy S3, which was far worse after I had the mainboard replaced due to another issue. It seems that they are pushing the final analogue output gain far too high, presumably so they can claim that the max volume is nice and loud - great if you want to listen on a crowded train, but horrible if you listen at lower levels in the middle of the night.

    I now use a custom kernel which allows me to directly adjust the final stage gain from 60 down to about 40, where the hiss is no longer audible. It also has the benefit of giving me finer control of the volume at lower levels (albeit at the expense of it not being as loud when set to full volume).

    The kernel I use on the S3 is GoogyMax, but presumably the Note 3 has similar development activity going on (I do hope so as I'm thinking of getting one soon, unless the S5 turns out to be better than the current previews are suggesting).


  5. Well the Menu button on any decent device :) or the on-screen three-dots thingy on new-fangled versions of Android (you can tell I'm a hard-button devotee can't you?) Then choose Settings.


  6. Are you saying that you want to listen to several albums in chronological release order (1990, 1991, 1992, etc) but playing each one in their regular track order (1, 2, 3...)?

    When I need to do this for any artist for whom I have multiple albums, I just create the folder names with the year included at the beginning of the name, and sort my lists by Folder order. e.g. folders might be named as follows:

    1984 Man on the Line

    1986 Into the Light

    1988 Flying Colours

    I do the same with tracks within album folders by the way, using the track number for the first two digits of the filename.

    PA still displays the proper album and track titles within its lists and on the player screen (all taken from ID3 tags) so I don't see my extra numbering details within the PA interface itself, just when using a file explorer.

    Also (while we are talking about ways to force ordering) I have my top-level genre folders ordered by number too, which gives another grouping level so my podcasts are always first in my list of folders, then other genres in order with the final one being 'Songs' which contains all my singles and music albums (with artist subfolders, then album subfolders):

    10 Podcasts

    20 Xmas

    30 Films

    40 TV

    50 Theme Parks

    60 Radio

    70 Songs

    You can layer things as much as you want that way, and have total control over the listing and playback order of all your music. I'm not a big fan of the more Apple-style approach to user control of "don't you worry your little self over these trivial things, let us take care of it our way for you". :)


  7. EDIT: Just updated to the newest version through the forums. Looks great now! Thanks.

    Was just about to reply saying this, but you beat me to it. :)

    For anyone who wants to try out the latest PA versions in advance of them being made available via market updates, download the .apk file from the Sticky post at the top of this forum (currently http://forum.powerampapp.com/index.php?/topic/3189-poweramp-209-build-552-updated-13-mar-2014/)


  8. More annoying to me is when you tap the song title in the player UI by mistake, and you get taken to the 'Folder Contents' screen.

    You'd think that in this situation the Back button would simply (and logically) return you back to the player interface that you were previously using, but instead it goes up one viewing level to the full folder tree display. There is already a perfectly good up-arrow facility (in fact you can tap anywhere in the folder title line at top of the track list) so it's kinda pointless and redundant to make the Back button do the same thing if you arrived at the list directly from the Player UI.

    A simple enough request, but one which would make the app much friendlier to use.


  9. While we're talking about the extensions list for Poweramp, could I ask once again that .mp2 be added to the list of valid strings? Radio downloads from UK DVB-T over-the-air broadcast streams are sent in that format; archaic I know, but that's the world of broadcasting for you.(The files do play fine by the way, but at the moment I have to rename them as .mp3 for the PA scanner to detect them, a really quick add to the list of extensions to scan would be very much appreciated)


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