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  1. If you use DVC, then you need to disable the Android dev options 'Absolute Volume for BT' feature. But if you don't use DVC for your Bluetooth output, it doesn't matter. Try different methods for your BT Output (in Settings > Audio > Output) and see if that makes a difference.

    PA is not designed to be loud specifically (there's another thread on the same subject in fact) and can leave processing headroom which may make it quieter than other apps which may send 100% digital maximum. Try turning ReplayGain off, and increase the pre-amp setting in the PA EQ screen if overall volume is more important to you than reducing the risk of clipping distortion.


  2. @drftr As I said above, are you using ReplayGain, as the process of levelling audio between tracks has a default target level of quite a bit lower than the device's maximum possible output (the RG spec is -14dB from maximum, although subjectively PA is not quite that low, it seems to aim for nearer -8dB to me). It's all configurable anyway, as is the master pre-amp in the EQ screen, so there's plenty of opportunity to just make the sound louder if you feel the need - but do remember that more volume for volume's sake might mean more clipping distortion during louder passages too. 


  3. That's not something I use myself, but according to Google the 'always listen' feature can be turned off in Android Settings > Sound and Vibration > Advanced > Now Playing > Notifications.

    I'm just guessing here, but perhaps you are using one of the non Android-standard audio output modes (such as High-Res), which the phone may not be realising is actually internally generated audio rather than an external source?


  4. 18 minutes ago, flyingdutchman said:

    Permission restrictions on external sdcards with these releases prevent writing to those tracks

    Is that still not resolved? How do other apps (like Poweramp itself, photo editors, file explorers, etc) access SD Card content? Google are becoming more and more like Apple / Big Brother every day. :(


  5. PA does not have any facility to write ratings back into physical audio files, nor to read them from audio files. Ratings information is held in a local database only. PA can export this information to a file (as an entire-Library playlist in fact) but that's just for backup purposes, in case you want to reinstall PA or move your setup to a new device.

    The only way you can do what you want is via a third-party app, New Playlist Manager, which is capable of copying the ratings out from PA's database and saving them into your physical music files where other apps can find them too.


  6. Mostly like some of the new files are perhaps malformed, so when PA tries to scan them it is breaking the scanner for some reason. If you remove them, so the scan work correctly? Does the initial "Scanning Folders" stage work OK (so the total number of files found is shown at the top), but the second phase, "Scanning Library" which is the detailed scan of tag contents, does not complete to the end? 

    There's no card slot on that device (thanks Google :( ) so it shouldn't be access permissions or faulty storage formatting.


  7. 6 hours ago, vinniesilvagio said:

    File Access Legacy Mode in Poweramp is nowhere to be found.

    It's in PA Settings > Misc. However if you reinstalled (or cleared app data which does mostly the same thing) the new default setup will have preset that mode correctly for Android 11 anyway.

    By the way, there's a very handy Search tool in PA Settings (on the top line) that a lot of people miss. Typing "Legacy" into that would find the switch too.


  8. Not all file explorer apps can now access those folders (since yet more Google access lockdowns in Android 11+) but most modern ones can. I use Solid Explorer for what that's worth.

    Yes, you can simply copy over a backup copy of that folder's contents to bring back your old downloaded artwork. After changing the content of those subfolders, it's not a bad idea to full exit (force-close) PA and restart PA to clear out anything that's been read and temporarily cached during the current session.

    And yes, Delete Cache will delete all previously downloaded images so you can start from fresh if your image selections have gone a bit adrift or maybe you just don't want to use auto-downloaded images any more.


  9. If you manually select a new cover image in PA, that will be used in preference to either embedded or auto-downloaded artwork. Any images you manually choose in PA are stored in Android/data/com.maxmpz.audioplayer/files/selected_aa/. The auto-downloaded versions will be saved in album_art in the same location. You can grab those image files and use them elsewhere if you want, or you can add your own images into that folder as long as you are careful to exactly match PA's file naming protocol format so it can connect them with the relevant songs/albums/etc.

    You can use programs like MP3Tag and TagScanner to batch edit artwork into audio files, as while you can batch update as many files at a time as you like, it would still be a bit tedious as you'd have to find an image for each artist and paste them into the software, not a quick task. Auto-searching software would most likely try to find a cover image by Album (or Song) Title, rather than searching for artist photos, but you could try some of them and see if they offer that option. You would still need a degree of manual intervention anyway, as image searches online could return some wild matches.  


  10. Sounds useful, it could be displayed next to the current selected-items count - so somewhere between the 'All' and the 'Close' buttons.

    Another long-standing request for multi-selected items (when selecting within Playlists or the Queue) would be the ability to move all of the selected items up or down the list as a block, rather than only being able to move songs around one by one.


  11. No, the basic assumption is that if you've bothered to embed a cover image into the physical file, then that should always take precedence over any downloaded images which can be a bit hit-or-miss as they rely on internet searches.

    If you have any files for which the embedded images are not correct, just delete all the images using a batch tag editor.


  12. 47 minutes ago, Hoichemgio9x said:

    Yes. here just i backup to pc to reset phone. then I copied it to my phone to play music on PA. next time I will note to copy the data/PA folder

    Yes, if you wanted to keep any existing downloaded images you would have needed to backup that whole folder and all its subfolders.

    The same would apply to things like internal playlists, song ratings, play counts, etc - they would all need to be backed up before resetting your phone.


  13. By default, the first time you slide down the notifications panel from the status bar you should see the small version, and you can expand that if you wish. However your version of Android seems to be maximising it - maybe because there is nothing else needed below it?

    Have you tried any of the different styles in PA Settings > Look and Feel > Notifications, in case they make a difference? But it's Android doing it, not PA.


  14. Poweramp does not have the facility to insert Album Art into files, you would need to do that in a tag editor program.

    PA can download album cover artwork, and also artist images, for use in its own lists and on the player screen, but the JPEGs are simply saved locally in PA's own cache folders in Android/data/com.maxmpz.audioplayer/files/, within the subfolders album_art for auto-downloads or selected_aa for manually chosen images. The JPEGs are saved using filenames based on the title, artist, or album tags in the songs, so it can find and match them back to that same song again later. But they are not inserted into the physical audio files, so you won't see PA's downloaded images in other apps or if you copy the files to another device.

    If you want to embed images into your physical audio files, I suggest you do that on your PC using either an automated tagger program, or do it manually in something like MP3Tag or TagScanner. 


  15. It could be a clash of commands or settings (there are resume-playback features in both AA and PA). Some devices generate button events such as MEDIA_PLAY_PAUSE (which is a toggle command) instead of clear discrete MEDIA_PLAY and MEDIA_PAUSE events, but in the above case no button events are being created.


  16. What do you mean by "thumbnails"? Those are normally the little images you see in file icons in a file explorer app for example.

    Or are you actually talking about the song cover artwork that is displayed in Poweramp's Library category lists and on the player screen? If so, how are you embedding your the new cover artwork into files, using what software? And how are you then copying them to the phone, USB cable and folder-to-folder copy, or some sort of sync program like Musicbee or similar (which sometimes do not make verbatim copies or update the timestamps of files)?


  17. Is this from the Poweramp Library > Artist long-press menu, or are you trying to edit some of the cached files directly? If the former, make sure permissions are assigned.

    Android 11 upgrades should still be able to make use of the old data folder path from pre-11 installs, which is local storage Android/data/_com.maxmpz.audioplayer/ (note the underscore). However for new installs, the new folder for the same content is Android/data/com.maxmpz.audioplayer/files/ (no underscore). I would suggest checking both folders in a file explorer app to see which contains the most recently updated files, and thus is the folder Poweramp is currently using. If PA has stored any data in the old (underscore) path but is now using the new folder, copy the data from the old folder to the same named subfolders in the new directory and restart PA (or reboot phone).


  18. 2 hours ago, Hoichemgio9x said:

    I replaced the thumbnail in the song. then i copy to pc. then copied to my phone, the thumbnail that was replaced before didn't exist when I played the song

    If you have altered an existing file, you may need do a a Rescan (or FULL Rescan) in PA Settings > Library. I'm assuming by 'thumbnail' you mean you used a tag editor on your PC to update the album art image stored inside the audio file?


  19. I know Max has plans to make that whole row of icons (Visualizations, Sleep, etc) user-configurable, with multiple different options and separate tap / long-press variants.

    That would hopefully allow an old suggestion of mine to be implemented, which was to make tapping on the Shuffle icon a simple on/off toggle, while long-pressing could still be used to change modes (which is required a lot less frequently).


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