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  1. 7 hours ago, Vertisce said:

    I feel like what is needed is a method for Poweramp to kill it's own process when the device shuts down

    That is what the Shutdown Intent is for. But not all devices (and especially some of the no-name Chinese Android headunits) use standard intents, hence the PA option to add to that list if you happen to know what your device is sending.


  2. Thanks Max, I wasn't completely sure if that option was available via the EQ app too, it's not mentioned on the main 'Buy' web page details. I've just done a clean install on a new device and taken some screenshots so I know for any future questions.


  3. Are you asking how to purchase the full version of the Equalizer app? That can be done within the app at the top of the Settings page - either via the Play Store or (for the website downloaded Uni APK version only) directly via the website using PayPro payment.


    Note: Prices may vary by market on the Play Store. Play Store purchases can be used on multiple devices, so long as they use the same Google account. Website purchases do not require any Google services but are only valid for a single device at a time (installing on a new device will revoke the licenced status of the old one).


  4. You can download the app from https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.maxmpz.audioplayer and if you like it after the trial period you can continue to use it by buying the permanent unlocker from https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.maxmpz.audioplayer.unlock

    Or if you don't have access to the Play store you can download and buy a licence from here on the website too: https://powerampapp.com/buy-poweramp/ and https://powerampapp.com/buy-poweramp/ .


  5. When you add a song to a playlist in Poweramp, it simply stores a pointer (link) to whatever song filename you selected - including the exact folder path to be able to find that file. Nothing more or less than that. So if you later move a file into a different folder, or rename it, Poweramp will no longer be able to see that song where it is expected, and you'll get a 'phantom' placeholder entry in the playlist.

    Think of it like a card index file in a public library. Each card says where you can find a particular book, what room, rack, shelf, and even where along the shelf. If someone then moves that book somewhere else in the library building, the index card is now useless and you won't be able to find the book again.

    There is a Playlist menu option to 'Rescan / Resolve Playlists', which as far as I understand it will try to find missing items by looking for the exact filename and containing folder elsewhere in your music collection, and rematch the entry if possible.

    So let's take an example music file on your SD Card,  /ABCD-1234/Music/Movies/ELO/Xanadu/09 All Over the World.flac

    If you renamed the ELO folder to Electric Light Orchestra, the playlist would initially show as broken because the song is no longer located at the absolute location where PA is expecting to find it. In this case, the Resolve menu option should manage to find and restore a link to the moved file 09 All Over the World.flac as it is still contained within a folder called Xanadu.

    However if you renamed the file to 09. All Over the World (ELO).flac, or changed the first level containing folder to Xanadu Original Soundtrack, Poweramp would not be able to resolve the location and the playlist would remain broken.


  6. Poweramp does not read any data from playlists apart from the folder/filename details needed to identify each song from its existing Library. Any other #EXT information is ignored (apart from PA's own custom tag #EXT-X-RATING which can be used to import backed-up PA ratings data).

    Title/Artist/Album/Genre/length/etc information should already be present from the tag data found when PA first scanned the audio file. 

    I'll move this thread to Feature Requests for you.


  7. @w3wilkes Correct.

    Track Gain simply creates a gain value based on the single highest peak level within the current track only.

    Album Gain creates a gain value based on the highest peak level found in ANY track in the current album. That one gain value is then applied to all tracks from the same album. This avoids a deliberately quiet track being incorrectly boosted more than the rest of the album.

    So when you are listening to all of the tracks from one album, the Album Gain tag should be used for all of them. But if you are listening to various tracks from different albums (e.g. during shuffle) then Track Gain ought to be used.


  8. As I've said before, this is down to your system. PA can flag that it is able to process files with a .json extension, but it cannot insist it is the only app that does that. Somewhere on your device, the 'always' mode has been enabled for PA when Telegram is trying to open your .json files (it is a user choice).

    What app are you actually wanting to open these files in?

    However I do agree that changing to a more specific unique extension, such as .pa_eq, would be a good idea and would prevent this happening on other mis-configured devices.


  9. PA Settings > Export Settings

    Optional: if you have created any ratings (e.g. 1-5 stars), these can be exported via a Playlist. Go to the 'All Songs' Category, long-press on any song, tap 'All', and then '+Playlist' to create a new playlist containing all of your library's entries.

    PA Settings > Library > Playlists > Export 

    Install PA on new device and import the Settings file that you exported above.

    Copy your music folders and files to your new device. Copy the exported playlists over too, into somewhere within your music folders hierarchy. Run PA and assign new folder permissions in PA Settings > Library > Music Folders, and everything should be scanned back into your Library. Make sure PA Settings > Library > Playlists > Import Ratings is enabled if you do want to restore any ratings.

    Downloaded artwork is cached in subfolders of Android/data/_com.maxmpz.audioplayer/ (or for Android 10/11+ it uses Android/data/com.maxmpz.audioplayer/files/ , without an underscore). All of the subfolders can simply be copied over to the new device's relevant folder once PA has been run for the first time.



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