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  1. You can simply purchase from the website, and install the latest APK files from the Downloads tab here. No need to uninstall the trial version, the licence simply unlocks it permanently.

    When you receive the confirmation email, in Poweramp Settings use 'Already Purchased?' > 'Website', and type in the same Google or other email account that you registered with, and the Order ID.

    You will need an internet connection on the device for it to initially validate the email address though, but Google Play and gapps are not required any more.


  2. 2 hours ago, flyingdutchman said:

    Yes, 15 02 20 at 14:20 uk time

    Not seen it either, v58 (8 Feb) is latest in my UK Play Store.


    On 2/14/2020 at 12:25 PM, flyingdutchman said:

    All albumart in library view has the same margins.
    margins are applied consistently but the size of the albumart also has an influence here. I tried to make it as consistent as possible for each type of view mode.

    I have adjusted the width of each slider a little so hopefully this now fits although you can always slide it to the right.

    I think it might be the overall size of the albumart thumbnails that is causing my concern then. Yours are larger than the default skin, which is generally a great improvement as the artwork is much clearer to see. However I guess they might look better just a tad smaller to allow a bit more breathing space between them, and with more consistent horizontal margins to avoid eating too much into the available text space. Just a personal preference here, feel free to ignore if you don't agree.

    Here are examples of the three List views to illustrate, showing the middle size sits too tightly against the margin, while the smallest and largest ones are a bit gappy. Somewhere in between lies perfection. :)

    image.png   image.png   image.png

    [Edit: Just noticed the text spacing (leading) seems to vary somewhat between the three views too, with the middle view being preferable as it more clearly segregates song's content. In Compact view, the leading between the 'Title' and the 'Artist/Album' line is almost as large as the gap between each song.]


    The EQ comment was not about the width of each bar by the way. I don't mind that you have to scroll over to see the final few frequencies on smaller screens - although seeing all of them on one screenful for larger devices would admittedly be nice as long as they aren't too squashed. However the vertical lines/tracks (that ones that the slider thumbs move up and down along) are missing. Each vertical line only appears - in a rather noticeable orange colour - when you move one of the sliders up or down. Here's your skin versus the PA default:

    image.png   image.png



  3. As I said above, the tag convention that Poweramp (and most music software) uses to represent 'Album Artist' is TPE2, which in the original ID3v2 specs was indeed referred to as "Band/orchestra/accompaniment".  There was no specific Album Artist tag as far as I know, hence TPE2 was generally adopted for that purpose - see https://help.mp3tag.de/main_tags.html. If you check your files using programs like TagScanner, MP3tag, foobar2000, VLC, etc, then TPE2  (which you are still using to represent band/orchestra) is what you will see displayed under the label Album Artist.

    What software are you using that shows Album Artist as a separate item from Band/Orchestra? I wonder what underlying tag it is using to store Album Artist in?


  4. DVC simply gives Poweramp more direct access to the audio system, rather than passing too much control via the device's firmware. Normally, with DVC enable it tends to be louder as PA can better control the headroom in the audio chain. With DVC off, PA will normally not send out quite such a high level to avoid potential distortion. You can influence this by using the preamp gain in the EQ settings though.



  5. 1 hour ago, Saphir said:

    Would be better to name an album "Queen Greatest Hits"

    Yes, that's how I always suggested people do it back in the Poweramp v2 days, and it's how I originally titled my own album rips too. Doesn't solve albums which genuinely and correctly have the exact same title though (such as my example of "Up").

    So to make several songs appear as part of the same album in PA, both the Album Title and Album Artist tags should be matches in all the files. If no Album Artist tags are present, then it will try to use Album Title and Track Artist to build the contents of an album - which can cause things like various-artists collections to become split, as you pointed out. There are some extra controls in Settings > Library > Lists (such as 'Join Albums').

    Poweramp uses the following generally accepted mapping conventions when reading ID3v2 tags (for more info see https://help.mp3tag.de/main_tags.html ) :
    Track Title: TIT2 (aka "Title/songname/content description")
    Album Title: TALB (aka "Album/Movie/Show title")
    Track Artist: TPE1 (aka "Lead performer(s)/Soloist(s)")
    Album Artist: TPE2 (aka "Band/orchestra/accompaniment")


  6. Multiple streams in one file are really more of a video (mkv) feature, where you can select between alternate soundtracks / commentary tracks. I've never really thought about encoding  multiple separate songs into the same timecode.


  7. That is what the Album Artist field is for, as you can't guarantee that any given Album Title will be unique. This fixed an issue which occurred Poweramp v2 where all songs with the same album title, but by different artists, were grouped as one album - so you could find a huge "Greatest Hits" album with mixed up tracks by Queen, Jason Donovan, Fleetwood Mac, and hundreds more. Or an album entitled "Up" would group together the same titled releases by R.E.M., Peter Gabriel and Shania Twain - plus maybe the Pixar film soundtrack for good measure.


  8. If you put image files into a folder intended for music albums, any such images can be assumed to be meant to be used as album art. That only applies if your music files don't have properly embedded artwork already of course. You can adjust the default behaviour in Settings > Album Art.


  9. Poweramp does not change frequencies of music during playback (assuming you are meaning changing the playback pitch).

    Higher resolution sampling rates and frequency response in the output stages can be changed in Settings > Audio > Output, if that's what you are asking for playback of high-res soruce material - e.g. for 192kHz, 24-bit audio files. 


  10. Poweramp does not currently support the handling of multiple artists / band names within one 'Artist' tag. The whole string is processed as a single name, which is how it will be treated in the Artists list.

    Even if at some point multiple artists are supported, by default things like "feat.", "&" or "and" would not act as a separators, nor would comma or slash (otherwise band names like "Crosby, Stills and Nash", "AC/DC", "Adam & the Ants" would get broken). If it ever does get supported, the default separators would most likely be as per the Genre tag, so "//"and ";" by default, with the ability to define your own. I can see some merit to adding "feat." and "feat" to that list though, as much as I personally hate that particular current-trend terminology.

    I'll move this to Feature Requests as suggested. 


  11. If you can't use Google Play, then you can't buy anything that can only be purchased from there - including skins. The app developer could agree to build you a special one-off APK version, and sell it to you directly, but that would be their decision of course. Possibly some free APKs might be able to be downloaded manually in that form? Remember that some Fiio devices have very unusual screen aspect ratios, so you may find skins do not look very good on them unless the dev has optimised them accordingly.   


  12. Do you have the 'top level' of your music folders selected in Settings > Library > Music Folders ? If so, then all subfolders within that folder should also be scanned, regardless of whether there are more subfolders with other contents as the non-music files should be ignored. Try a FULL Rescan (in Settings > Library) after checking that setting. You will only be able to access your music via the Albums option if the files are properly tagged, otherwise you'd need to use Folders view.


  13. Possibly, not sure whether PA reads Album Artist data for pseudo-tracks created by CUE files or not.

    Personally, I never use CUE files anyway, as it just seems to add a needless layer of complexity for something to go wrong. :) I just make sure all my individual music files are tagged correctly when I rip or download them, and let PA do the organising. And if I want to create new groupings, I use Playlists.


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