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  1. Of course a much better solution to avoid this sort of issue in the first place is to simply make sure your files are tagged properly in the first place. I use TagScanner, which makes it a doddle to batch edit music tags. It can even interpret title/album/artist/etc from your filenames (using user-definable pattern matching) and then you can just tweak any by hand which don't look right.


  2. Video does not work, has you set it to public visibility?

    What version of Android does your head-unit run? Do you see the SD Card folders listed in the Settings > Library > Music Folders screen, and can you tick/untick folders there? What about if you put a few songs in a folder on the device's internal memory as a test, can they be made to scan correctly?


  3. I'm not sure when this behaviour changed, but logically I would have expected a filename to be shown including its extender. Otherwise it is not the correct filename, and it would not be possible to distinguish between different files like Africa.mp3, Africa.flac, Africa.m4a, etc.

    When PA is trying to interpret the filename where the Title tag is missing (rather than being directly asked to show the full filename) then I seem to recall it might be possible for the extender to be omitted, and also for any leading digits (usually representing track numbers) to be dropped too. This could of course cause unexpected results with names such as "99 Red Balloons", "7 Years", etc.

    @maxmp would be able to tell us if this behaviour has changed though.


  4. 31 minutes ago, Wgesh said:

    I'm sure I didn't have the "filename as title" option turned on at the time and Poweramp would show titles from my filenames without the extension.

    If you have music files without any Title tags, then PA will show the filename instead. Including the extension as that is considered to be part of the filename. 


  5. 2 hours ago, djdarko said:

    Does V3 still have the option to send the Artist info? I just noticed my Onkyo 676 only shows the track title.

    No, it doesn't seem to have it any more. I looked a while back as someone else had the same issue as reported in this (very old!) thread.

    Actually, I would find it useful to have this option back too for certain outputs, as my car head-unit does not display the Album wording either , only Title and Artist.


  6. 10 hours ago, Wgesh said:

    @andrewilley Thanks for the reply. What if I wanted to use the "filename as title" option, is it supposed to grab the entire filename including the extension?

    Correct, you will see the whole filename (but not the full path) wherever you would otherwise see the 'Title' tag shown. That is what the option is designed to do.


  7. 1 hour ago, TheFlyingCelt said:

    if PA had the ability to re-scan and re-sort playlist's content when it detects that the playlists got altered by an external source.

    But that's the whole point: if an external playlist file has been modified, updated, edited, etc, or if new files have been added, then Poweramp is meant to re-load the file(s) so that it is correctly working with the user's latest version(s). That is the entire point of the automatic scan feature, to look for new or changed files and update PA's database accordingly. If it didn't work that way, any changes you made to files (including adding new ones, as well as updating existing ones) would get ignored.

    Playlists do not have any concept of remembered Sort Orders, they are simply displayed and played-back in the exact sequence specified in the list itself. You can edit that saved sequence of course (either externally or within PA, manually or automatically) but doing so will updates the contents in the file rather than just showing the original file in a different way.

    As far as I can see, there are three possible solutions for you, all of which have already been mentioned in this thread:

    1. Use internal Poweramp playlists, which will never be changed when files are changed, as they exist only in PA's database and are not based on files. 
    2. Stop any external apps from over-writing your edits. This is the main cause of your problem of course, and ideally your sync app should be checking the time/date stamps of files and not overwriting newer content with older files.
    3. If you really must allow other apps to forcibly over-write your files, make the sort-order edits on the source playlist files that the app is copying from (i.e. on your PC).


  8. Default actions are normally able to be cleared in the Android app settings for each app (the 'chosen action' app's settings, not Poweramp).

    I'll merge the other thread that you created on the same subject into this one, it's easier to respond to one thread rather than multiple ones.


  9. You may have accidentally enabled the option to display filenames instead of title tags, in Settings > Library > Lists > Filename as Title. But otherwise, the song title lines should be derived from the tag info rather than from filenames. If the tags info has not been scanned correctly into the database (which can sometimes happen when a complete filesystem change has occurred, and would normally result in lots of Unknown Artist and Unknown Album instances) try doing another FULL Rescan.


  10. 16 hours ago, TheFlyingCelt said:

    If so, then the feature shown in this screenshot is basically useless as it won't maintain the sorting order I set.. 

    As we have established several times above, this is indeed a permanent re-sort option, not just a temporary display order. So yes, PA saves the new order for any playlist that you apply changes to - and that saved order will remain in place for that particular playlist until you next alter it.

    The fact that you are using an external syncing app, which is blindly overwriting all of the changes you made, is not in any way Poweramp's fault.

    If you really cannot change your sync app or its settings, I suggest you switch to using internal Poweramp playlists which won't be affected if an external app decides to re-write your saved files. Or you could re-order the master playlist files on your source syncing device (Windows PC) so when your sync app re-copies the files they are already in your desired order.


  11. 12 hours ago, middleofnow said:

    The new EQ by BT device feature, is there a way to automatically engage the EQ when the device connects, and disengage when the device disconnects (or another one connects in place of the first one)?

    I haven't used this new option myself yet (I just leave settings flat most of the time) but I thought the whole point of this feature was to auto-switch to the specified saved EQ presets whenever that device became active. And once a BT device disconnects, I would expect PA to return to any saved preset for whatever output method replaces it (Speaker, headset, USB DAC, etc). Not sure of the expected behaviour if BT disconnects but there isn't a saved setting for the replacement though, I'm not sure if previous setting is remembered or if you need to have another specific preset saved. 


  12. LOL, I'm sure there's nothing like spamming all your friend group with an automated message telling them what music you happen to be listening to. I'd be quickly unfriending someone who regularly did that to me.... :)


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