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  1. 3 hours ago, flyingdutchman said:

    sometimes you just do not see it whilst it is in front of ones eyes.

    That's usually where stuff hides, it's never in those really obscure bits of code that you just spent ages digging through.

    Now, while we're on a roll :) could you maybe add some smaller values for the 'Resize Metainfo field' width control? Even at 250dp (below) the maximum width of the meta content is still quite a bit wider than I'd prefer, especially when counter values are in hours rather than minutes:



  2. On 10/5/2021 at 9:11 AM, andrewilley said:

    I find AA's list display is spotty at best on my Hyundai car head unit - it almost never works in fact, I just get a spinning wait symbol and nothing ever happens.

    Oddly enough , the list features now seem to be working fine for me. I wonder if the recent AA update has fixed that?

    I noticed an AA interface layout update a couple of months ago which moved the 'media playing' control away from the main play controls row up to the top-right corner of the screen - which is great, as I can now see all five control buttons in one row with no three-dots overflow item.

    Then more recently (in the last week or two?) the text wording of that button changed to simply 'Queue' (which is a bit counter-intuitive for Poweramp, as the 'Queue' is a special entity which that button does not actually refer to). It is this most recent change that seems to have also resolved my issue with lists and Categories never displaying, and in tests today they all seem to be working perfectly.  


  3. I've settled on 1000x1000 as a good target size these days. I have a few bigger, and some where I could only find maybe 500x500 (or that was what was in the file already). JPEG compression mostly keeps even 1000x1000 image down to around 150-400k.


  4. Personally, I wouldn't ever upscale an image just for embedded cover artwork if I couldn't find a better resolution original in the first place.

    I would downsize excessively large images for file size though, these are only for quick display, not poster-size printing.


  5. 16 minutes ago, flyingdutchman said:

    @andrewilley agreed, I tried everything I could think of. I think that because it is opaque some other (unknown) layer, (when switching play/pause)  affects the button

    Currently it's the same transparency whether in play or pause state. At some point in the past, I seem to recall it changed between play/pause conditions. It's really trivial, just a bit irritating to look at.


  6. You can permanently re-shuffle a Playlist or the Queue via List Options > Re-sort.

    You can also view other categories in an already-shuffled order with List Options > Sort > By Shuffle Order. That view will be based on the last randomise event though, to trigger a new reshuffle and see an updated list the easiest method would be to tap on the Shuffle icon in the Player screen (no need to commence playback, just change the mode once).


  7. The logic at play here is that full-screen visualisations are not meant to be interrupted/faded by external key events. So for example they shouldn't fade if you press the volume keys, or use the next/prev/fast-forward/rewind buttons on a Headset/Bluetooth device, etc. I'm guessing that Android TV uses this type of event for its control; you can check this in PA Settings > Headset/Bluetooth > Last Processed Commands.


  8. The logic uses the same principle as headphones have always done: if you plug in a wired headset, speakers will be disabled and audio will come out of the headset instead. Which is expected behaviour that goes right back to old hi-fi equipment, televisions, etc.

    So it's a general issue with the amount of Bluetooth-enabled devices that we have these days. It used to be the case that if you turned Bluetooth on, that was a specific activity because you planned to use it. Now of course there's a lot of BT kit that just runs anyway, and connects automatically to anything it's paired with.


  9. 5 hours ago, flyingdutchman said:

    Ps, i notice that setting the icon colour of the play buttons is misbehaving

    Has been for a while for me too. The transparency level of the centre play/pause button when using opaque colour settings still doesn't quite match with the other four pro buttons.

    In this example, the Music Button background colour is set to Black Opaque, but the middle button looks slightly more transparent than the others:



  10. It's all down to the contents of tags, in this case the Artist tag. You can set PA to separate multiple artist names based on various different separator symbols - some common ones being semicolon, slash, or words like "feat." or "ft.". You can use comma too if you want (as you have lots of tags there which separate different artist names by using commas) but personally I'd suggest batch editing those file tags to alter the commas to semicolons, as there are a lot of valid band names which contain legitimate commas ("Crosby, Stills & Nash", "Earth, Wind & Fire", "Emerson, Lake & Palmer", etc) 

    For more details, see:



  11. @kdnolan You need to download and install the APK file from the website here: https://forum.powerampapp.com/files/category/2-poweramp-v3-latest-releases/

    Then purchase a non-Google licence from https://powerampapp.com/buy-poweramp/ , which will be linked to your email address rather than a Google account. It's valid for a single device at a time, so if you install on another device that will revoke the licence on the first one. 


  12. I was wondering the same. If this happens during song playback (rather than wehen fading between songs as @Bencherished mentioned) then most likely you are pushing the levels up too high with the EQ controls, and the limiter is reducing the gain during peak moments to avoid clipping. Either turn the Limiter off (in the Equalizer screen) and accept some minor distortion/clipping, or reduce the pre-amp gain setting to compensate for boosting other frequency bands.


  13. The Shuffle and Play icons at the top of category/song lists are special cases in that they force specific Repeat/Shuffle modes in order to achieve their desired result, which may override what had previously been active in the Player screen.

    Tapping the tap Shuffle Icon always sets the Shuffle mode to 'Shuffle Songs & Categories' - which in the case of a Playlist means PA will shuffle all of the songs in that requested playlist first, then (optionally) it will choose another playlist at random and shuffle that. If the current Repeat mode was set to either 'Single Song' or 'Repeat Song', that will get overridden to the default 'Advance Category'. However 'Repeat Off' (i.e. Play current Category only) or 'Repeat Category' will not get overridden and will remain active.

    When tapping the top Play icon, Shuffle is turned Off and playback will commence with the first song in the requested list. If the current Repeat mode was set to either 'Single Song' or 'Repeat Song', that will get overridden to the default 'Advance Category'. However 'Repeat Off' (i.e. Play current Category only) or 'Repeat Category' will not get overridden and will remain active.

    Of course this is all getting a bit off-topic from your original request for a way to connect several tracks together so they never get split during shuffling (and presumably also the same for the All Songs list, etc) which is up to @maxmp to decide whether he thinks there would be enough demand to make it worthwhile programming.

    I would suggest that any such feature could be linked in with also-requested ability to remove certain types of song from shuffled sequences completely - either by folder location, or genre - so you can avoid hearing audiobook chapters, podcasts, radio shows, dramas, full concerts, etc while listening to shuffled songs.


  14. One of the problems of adding a lot of features is that there is necessarily a learning curve to finding and using some of them.

    The problem with having an option for 'simple shuffle' would be which simple shuffle to choose. I would want it to be the very simplest, 'All Songs' to randomly listen to my whole library. Whereas you would want 'Shuffle Just Songs' (so the Categories stay in order) or perhaps 'Songs & Categories'. While others might want 'Shuffle Categories' (keeping the songs within albums in order) 

    Hence my suggestion of allowing the user to select their chosen shuffle mode via the long-press functionality - i.e. exactly as at present - but make tapping the Shuffle Icon act as a simple on/off toggle. That would do exactly what you want, but with more flexibility.


  15. So when you listen to a given Playlist, rather than just tapping to start playing it, you first add all of its songs into the Queue so you can tweak the song order without affecting the master copy of the Playlist file. Good idea.

    You can use the (menu) > Re-sort feature on Playlists, but as you say there is no facility to order in fine detail (such as by Artist>Album>Disc#>Track#). I would suggest you have a look at an external app called New Playlist Manager from the Play Store, which can do all that and more. 


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