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  1. 42 minutes ago, SM8 said:

    Yes it's Android 11 and I'm just using the pre-installed My Files app.

    Might be worth trying a more sophisticated file explorer (e.g. Solid Explorer) that can access more locations on internal storage. You are stuck if YTM has downloaded to its folder your SD Card though, access to app storage in the SD Card Android/data/ hierarchy is blocked on Android 11. Even if you can find it though, the files may well be encrypted.

  2. There is a kinda tweaky way to do it at the moment too, but not yet as all-encompassing as the upcoming new feature that @6b6561 mentioned. If you go into the All Songs list, tap menu > List Options, and select 'By Shuffle Order' then the All Songs list will be displayed in shuffled sequence when you are listening that way. Only works if you initially trigger playback from All Songs though, rather than just tapping the Shuffle button at some point during normal playback.


  3. A Full Rescan should occur very rarely. Normally starting the app, rebooting, modifying files, etc. will do a normal rescan which only takes a few seconds looking for any changes to your music collection. However some Android 11 firmware updates (mainly Samsung) have caused file access issues which may trigger PA into do a FULL Rescan each time (which wipes the database and re-builds it from scratch, re-checking tag data from every file, which can take a while). If this is happening to you, turn PA's Auto-Scan features off in Settings > Library > Scanner. 


  4. It's probably saving them in its local data directory. I don't use YTM Premium so I don't know for sure, but most likely that'll be somewhere like Android/data/com.google.android.apps.youtube.music/files/offline. They could well be encrypted/DRM protected though, so even if you can copy them out (which is getting harder with each new Android release, especially if you are using an SD Card) they might not work in other apps.


  5. If you have a computer, install foobar2000, put your SD Card into the computer and drag your whole music folder onto foobar. Then using the right-click menu apply ReplayGain (scan as Albums by tags) and sit back and let it do it - might take a while with a lot of FLACs. When done, click Update File Tags to write the numbers back into the files.

    Then back in Poweramp again, turn on ReplyGain in the Settings > Audio menu.


  6. As I said, when you see the PA screen what happens if you then tap the PA Settings menu? That's when a full phone unlock (rather than just a screen wake) that should be requested. If you just want a few media controls when you wake the screen, use the Android lockscreen options rather than enabling the full Poweramp interface.

    [Edit] Hmm, I've just tried it and you could be right. Tapping the power button to wake the screen results in the PA lockscreen interface being shown as expected (looks like normal PA, but a full unlock is needed to get into Settings/etc). However if you initially unlock the phone using only the fingerprint sensor, the phone fully unlocks and the main full PA app interface opens, which I agree doesn't seem right. 


  7. Unlocking the phone should not open Poweramp. Waking the phone should display the poweramp lockscreen view (which is what you enabled). To test this, try going into Poweramp Settings, or attempt to delete a song, etc. If you are still in the lockscreen view, it will prompt for the phone to be unlocked before proceeding.


  8. It might be an idea to wait for @maxmp to comment, as this could be a bug in PA not recognising null-byte separators in ID3 text tags. I would have thought if it works, it ought to work if nulls are found in files that are technically only flagged as v2.3.

    TagScanner does not write that format back to ID3 files anyway by the way, so you could simply scan them into TagScanner and batch re-save them all. It will write a normal TPE1 'text only' format, with a semicolon separating the artist names.  

    You could try one as a test I guess.


  9. 9 hours ago, Mike21 said:

    Thanks connected another android to my device via bluetooth, they connected opend chrome updated on device, and pressed "add device" my phone doesnt show up.

    As I stated in the instructions I posted earlier, you need to connect your phone to a computer (or a second phone) via USB cable connection in order to run an ADB session from that external device.

    There are new ways to do it via wi-fi, but on Android 10 and below you first need to do an initial set up via USB cable anyway: https://developer.android.com/studio/command-line/adb#wireless-adb-android-11  


  10. The file you sent me did not have an Album Artist tag, it had a 'Band' tag (which in the world of ID3-tagged files will be stored under the open-format tag 'TXXX').


      | UserDefinedText = (Band) 2Pac
      | - Tag 'TXXX' (25 bytes)

    For PA to recognise it as Album Artist, it needs to be named as such (so it gets saved in the ID3 tag called 'TPE2').

    As for Artists, as you can see even though this is an MP3 file with ID3v2.3 tags, it contains two ARTIST tags. This is normal for FLAC/Vorbis files, but less common with MP3s. I think the ability to store two items of data in a single TPE1 tag (it gets split using a null character embedded in the file) was only added to the spec in v2.4, whereas previously people just used "/" or ";". It seems that PA is not recognising this as containing two separate names - @maxmp can you confirm this, and perhaps update the scanner to allow for this possibility?


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