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  1. 7 minutes ago, Bencherished said:

    Colours makes things look beautiful

    To an extent, yes. But lots of colours do tend to make things look confused, cluttered and garish. Less is often more.

    One possible solution in the meantime would be the same one that some people use to flag Explicit lyrics, which is to add some special Unicode character(s) to the end of the Title tag. For example this one is using Unicode U+1F536 ("large orange diamond"):


    Or for more detail, something like:


    A batch tag editor could do this for a whole music collection very easily.


  2. Long-press on the metadata line at the bottom of the screen, it will change to show file format info including resolution.

    Not sure what you plan to actually do with that info though? Stop listening should the bitrate be too low? If you can't hear the difference, what point is there having a visual notification - apart from the bragging rights anyway. :)


  3. Why not send KEYCODE_MEDIA_REWIND (or KEYCODE_MEDIA_FAST_FORWARD) events? I don't think there is any delay before they trigger, and they should reliably ffwd or rewind, with increasing speed the longer the button is held, when sent (ACTION_DOWN event to start, ACTION_UP to stop).

    Or do you want a 'tap-to-skip' button feature, to immediately move +/- 10s ? Not sure if KEYCODE_MEDIA_SKIP_FORWARD (272) and KEYCODE_MEDIA_SKIP_BACKWARD (273) events are supported by PA, but maybe @maxmp could add a little bit of code to watch for those and trigger the skip +/-10s feature?


  4. 2 hours ago, İbrahim Yiğit said:

    Can it write on mp3 file?

    No, we are talking about backing up and restoring Poweramp's internal database entries and other PA files and settings. PA can neither read nor write POPM (rating) tags directly.

    You still need to use the external app New Playlist Manager if you want to write ratings back into the POPM tags in your music files.


  5. 41 minutes ago, Bencherished said:

    the sleep timer bug is still present. 

    Max gave me the impression that the last few months of work weren't going to be focussed on bug fixes or feature additions (apart from some already in progress) but more of a necessity forced upon developers by Google for the required SDK versioning for the Play Store and Android 12 compatibility. He also used the time to improve and update various tools and libraries. All of which I think took rather longer than he was hoping.

    Hopefully now that is done, and he has a stable and fully compliant base platform to work with, he will be able to start addressing more of the little bugs and feature requests that have cropped up recently (things like the Timer bug, Playlist-saving corruption, etc).


  6. 6 minutes ago, flyingdutchman said:

    My app still has 1 feature which Poweramp does not (yet) have, the ability to update ratings from the popm tag

    Yes, importing and exporting ratings and play counts using file-based POPM counts is long overdue. As is embedding artwork back to files (even if it's just via a tickbox in the Info/Tags editor screen).

    I wondered if the use of a binary format was for filesize reasons (XML being more verbose) but it's so repetitive that the ZIP/compression code would eat up 95% of that. I can see there being security issues with user-editing the main settings file, but not simple ratings, counts, playlists, etc. It would always be at own-risk anyway, you'd need to dig into the archive first.


  7. 8 minutes ago, flyingdutchman said:

    @andrewilley very nice, unfortunately again in unreadable format

    I know. In my original thread on the subject, I suggested that any new backup format should internally use XML files, and store everything inside one large ZIP-compatible container. At least the overall file can be opened, shame the contained lists-export file isn't XML though. I assume that's the part that contains playlists, ratings, counts, etc.


  8. I'm sure you'll be looking into this already, but as Max mentioned in his New Release post there are some tweaks needed for compatibility with PA build 912. Vertical and horizonal spacing/padding/margins are too large in lists for example:




    It would be nice to include options to use PA's new default skin's 'More Rounded' and 'Less Rounded' buttons and navbar icons too, the 'More Rounded' ones look especially nice.


  9. This feature has now been implemented in PA build 912. It will make backups and transferring to new devices so much easier now. Thanks Max!



    Note: selecting the newer items will mean the resulting backup file is only compatible with PA build 912 and above. If you only select the basic items, the backup file is still backward compatible.


    When Importing, you use a similar screen to choose which of the saved items you want to bring back.


  10. This will please a lot of people, especially as Ratings and Play Counts can now be exported/imported. Will makes transferring a PA setup over to a new device (or doing a clean re-install) much easer:


    I don't have any Android 12 devices to test, but I assume that by 'Stretch Overscroll' you mean that in addition to the rubber band bounce-back effect that you get when you reach the top or bottom of a long list, it also slightly expands or contracts the gaps between items in the list? If so, then very nice.

    I like rounded corners in interfaces generally (I have them enabled everywhere in the skin I use). I do wonder whether Android 12 copied Windows 11, or the other way around? :) It's like Microsoft realised that Windows 7 looked better than any of its successors and are trending back in that direction - like home-interior fashions roll around again every ten years or so.


  11. As stated in the other thread, DVC should probably be disabled for external DAC devices as a general rule.

    I don't know whether @maxmp has any samples of your particular hardware combinations to test on, but as soon as you start working with non-standard Android devices (such as dedicated audio players with their own modified ROMs) and then add an external DAC or external BT driver, compatibility issues can (and most likely will) arise as soon as you start to move away from default audio modes and into the more experimental and hardware-dependent high-res features.


  12. Poweramp can read either relative or absolute path playlists, and to maximise compatibility it ignores any non-matching directory elements (e.g. C:\User\etc in a Windows-created file will be ignored, only the filename and first-level containing folder will be checked).

    However you are right that if you change and re-save a playlist, PA will always write full absolute Android paths back to storage - which won't be compatible if you later copy or sync that file back to a Windows machine or other different file system. This is doubly-frustrating due to a minor bug which still needs to be fixed which triggers PA to automatically re-save a playlist file if you merely long-press on any song within it - maybe just to view Info/Tags or Add to Queue - but make no changes to the playlist at all. In your case, that would cause your relative-path playlist file to become corrupted in terms of any other synced usage, even though you didn't actually edit anything. 

    I agree with you that firstly PA should not write playlists back to storage unless a genuine change has been made, and also where a playlist file used relative paths in the first place it should be saved back to storage the same manner.


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