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  1. You may find removing the BOM works fine (even if it only saves a couple of header bytes) although it is a useful indicator of how the file has been encoded. PA should cope either way, the important thing is that the file is in UTF-8. Often you'll find even regular M3U files will be saved that way anyway, even though technically the M3U8 extender ought to be used.


  2. File Access Legacy Mode is very likely disabled on Android 11, as Google depreciated it a while ago and were planning to remove access completely on this release, insisting apps use the new Storage Access Framework.

    @maxmp any thoughts on this one, sounds like @DickSledge has tried the obvious solutions. Which device by the way, and is this an official or beta version of Android 11 (the official release only started rolling out a few days ago, on limited devices)? 


  3. As this is a long thread, which started saying that album art was not showing, and you now say casting does not work at all - could you confirm exactly what happens when you try to cast to a given device? Does it connect but you hear no audio, or gives an error message, etc? And if it is fully repeatable, can you send a logfile of what happens when you try to play via Chromecast? (after it has just failed, go to Settings > Get Support > Send Log)


  4. You can also find duplicate filenames if you have (for example) a best-of style collection album and also the original studio album, how is Poweramp meant to decide which one you want in the Library and which one you want to remove? And how would you wish it to handle remasters, where you have the original and a recent remix/remaster both of which have same artist-title filename, but are in different folders? I would suggest using a duplicate file finder program, ideally with your SD Card installed on a PC as it would be much easier than trying to do it on a fiddly phone screen. e.g. https://sourceforge.net/projects/doubles/ 


  5. 6 hours ago, Bill S said:

    Does anyone have any ideas as to how I can get around this problem?

    Are you still.using poweramp v2 (as you have posted in the legacy release forum) or the current releaae? What sort of licnece message are you getting when you run Poweramp? If it's a new device, have you been able to install the unlocker at all? If not, go to Play Store > My apps & games > Library and install the unlocker from the list of previously-used apps.


  6. It doesn't sound likely that an app would be preventing your phone from accepting incoming calls, so I suspect your issue lies elsewhere, but you could try uninstalling PA and see if that restores your phone's normal operation. Then install the latest version from the Play Store again.

    The address you quoted (poweramp.maxmpz@gmail.com) is the correct one for PA support by the way. You should expect a response within a few business days.


  7. When this issue occurs next, as soon as the scan has finished please can you send a log via Settings > Get Support > Send Log, and also post a comment to let @maxmp know what you've sent. It does sound like a file system issue though. Just in case it makes a difference (as you don't mention what device or Android version you have) it might be worth trying to enable Settings > Misc > File Access Legacy Mode.


  8. I use a Samsung Galaxy A70, currently Android 10 but it worked fine on 9 too. Windowed mode also worked on my previous Galaxy Note 3 with Android 6 too.

    I just tap the Recent Apps button and choose the little grid icon for selecting multi-window (about 120 apps show in my list). Long-press on the Poweramp icon and drag it to either the top, bottom or middle of the screen (for dual panel top/bottom modes, or floating resizeable window).


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