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  1. I just noticed while answering someone else's question in another thread, the metadata line in the header areas of lists (if enabled in Settings) does not show in this skin:

    This is how it should look:

    As an aside, I also noticed that in Compact List views the area allocated on the left of each line for the album art is much larger than in other/default skins, leaving less room for the actual text. 


  2. There are a few categories which don't display the extra 'total running time' information correctly in the current PA version, which hopefully @maxmp can fix in a forthcoming build.

    For example, if you use the Albums category it works fine and you see the total running times shown to the right each album title (next to the year, as you wanted) and the length is also shown in the meta information line at the top of the songs list for each album. This also works fine in Folders, Folders Hierarchy, Genres, Playlists. However in the Artist and Album Artist views, only the first drill-down level contains that info, but the actual album level view does not. Same applies with Years and Composers. (Also discussed in https://forum.powerampapp.com/topic/11826-poweramp-not-detecting-all-music/?tab=comments#comment-81823 a few weeks ago)


  3. 1 hour ago, Lorendil said:

    Okay thanks. I just installed it. I will look at it. But I think I prefer normal 😅

    I really like normal Poweramp 😀 Just these buttons.

    By "normal Poweramp", do you mean the current v3 Material Design interface - but with the Pro Buttons and Seekbar settings changed as per your preferences - or still the old v2 design?

    For whatever it's worth, my own current skin choice is @flyingdutchman's  'Yet Another Poweramp Skin' ($yaps$) which is broadly based on the regular v3 interface  but with a huge (and I mean huge!) number of tweakable options. It takes a while to get used to all the options, but it's very configurable if you do. 


  4. Are you asking for an extra option to be available directly within the Album Art screen, to allow you to enter your own search criteria for trying to find online artwork?

    At the moment this can be done externally to PA of course, and then inside PA you can add any saved artwork using the Pick From Gallery feature.


  5. 8 minutes ago, Demelza said:

    Yes omg I totally forgot there was an update 🙈

    Blame Google for that one I'm afraid, they are getting more and more Apple-like in the way they are taking control of how people use and access their own devices. Freedom to use my own property in exactly the way that I want to was one of my main reasons for me going down the Android route rather than getting an iPhone.

    Anyway, all sorted now, you should be fine from here on.


  6. 6 hours ago, MarkCutie4Ever said:

    I'm so confused with the audio setting specially on the "Replay Gain" seems not working for me. what is the correct "db" to NORMALIZED volume level of each song?

    ReplayGain merely adjusts all music (assuming the files have the necessary tags) so the maximum peak level within each track (or, optionally, album) is set to the same volume that is used for other music. It does not adjust anything 'on-the-fly' during playback of one file, the whole of a track is set to a volume that will prevent the very loudest bit from distorting.

    Normally, the specifications suggest playback devices should set maximum peak levels to -14dB below digital maximum (to allow headroom for further processing later). However if you don't use any heavy EQ boosting, or if overall volume is more important to you than occasional slight clipping during the loudest bits, you can alter that target level by increasing the 'RG Preamp' value in Settings > Audio > Replay Gain (RG).

    Programs like foobar2000 can check and apply RG information tags to music files if they don't already have that metadata, and it can even run in batch mode to update multiple files at a time.


  7. The first screen you saw in PA was to enable access to storage, which used to be a simple prompt during first run of an app so I wasn't expecting you to suddenly see it during normal use. Has your phone recently updated itself to a newer version of Android, as those checks are a fairly recent change made by Google (mostly affecting Android 10 I though, which you did not mention).

    But yes, now you have proper access to the storage on your device, just untick everything you don't need so just the top-level folder(s) that contain your music are ticked. Then do a Full Rescan to clear out any remaining issues from before.


  8. Changing the separators list would probably force a rescan (or at least a recheck) to pick up any new genres. I'm guessing that changes made in your file editing app are somehow not picked up by Android/PA as modified content, so they are not being automatically rescanned. A Full Rescan should override that anyway. 


  9. /storage/emulated/0/ is just Android's way of referring to the main internal memory of your device, so Poweramp has been told to look for (or had previously found music in) the Download folder in your device's internal memory. Try disabling (unticking) that folder in PA Settings > Library > Music Folders, as that ought to just be a temporary/transient folder for file downloads until you decide where to put them, not a music repository.


  10. PA should treat either a semi-colon or a double-forward-slash as a being a separator for multiple Genres. This is a v3 feature, I don't think multiple genres were ever supported in v2? The separator characters can be configured in Settings > Library > Scanner, such as adding backslash for example. After making changes, you may need to do a Full Rescan though.


  11. Sorry I didn't get back sooner on this latest update, I was away for the weekend so not at the computer. Lots of excellent changes there, really nice.

    I think your guess about my A70's screen-size reporting was spot on, here's the results from your test app:

    And here is how the skin currently looks, no more overlapping of the artist/album text and icons with smaller fonts:

    The gap under the album art is perhaps still a bit big though, which becomes more of a problem at larger font sizes:

    It might be worth adding an extra mode to the Square/Circle options for text boxes, so as to provide a more subtly rounded-edge rectangle to match with the style of the Vis/Timer/Repeat/Shuffle icons.


    A few other comments... There seems to be quite a large left-margin gap in List-Compact and List modes (List-Small and the Grid views are fine):
    An extra pixel or two of vertical space between each image in List-Compact and List modes might also look better (again, List-Small is perfect).


    And in the EQ screen, the vertical slider bars seem to be missing for me:


    And final really trivial comment: the Cyan colour group is duplicated near the top and near the bottom in some colour lists (e.g. Text Colour). 


  12. Just to check, but you have enabled Pro Buttons haven't you? I know it means tapping on a smallish icon, which is not as easy as using a swipe motion while driving, but at least the feature is available that way. Also, some head units support buttons on the car's steering column, and it is possible to use a double-tap on those to trigger next/previous category.

    However I do agree that up/down swiping for Next/Prev Category is a puzzling omission in Poweramp v3, given that it was a standard feature in v2. And this is especially true for longer tracks, where the new +/- 10-second seek buttons may have been configured to replace the category change buttons. At the moment, swipe down just does the same action as tapping (goes to Library view), and swipe up simply bounces the cover artwork a bit, both of which seem something of a wasted opportunity. Longer-term it would be a nice idea to offer some user-configurable options for up/down/left/right gestures, but for now category changing would seem to be a much more obvious choice. 


  13. It does the same sort of thing.

    Replay Gain by default sets its maximum levels to somewhat lower than digital maximum (about -14dB lower than full-scale I seem to recall). This is to allow room for post-processing, EQ boosting, etc. If you don't plan to use those features, you can increase the gain somewhat to make your music louder than the RG default.


  14. Did you remove the storage from your device at any point? That can cause the SD Card to be assigned a new root directory structure (new name). When you say you have done a full rescan, did you first check in Settings > Library > Music Folders to ensure that your music location is ticked, and then choose Settings > Library > FULL Rescan (not just regular Rescan).


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