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  1. I was wondering the same. If this happens during song playback (rather than wehen fading between songs as @Bencherished mentioned) then most likely you are pushing the levels up too high with the EQ controls, and the limiter is reducing the gain during peak moments to avoid clipping. Either turn the Limiter off (in the Equalizer screen) and accept some minor distortion/clipping, or reduce the pre-amp gain setting to compensate for boosting other frequency bands.


  2. The Shuffle and Play icons at the top of category/song lists are special cases in that they force specific Repeat/Shuffle modes in order to achieve their desired result, which may override what had previously been active in the Player screen.

    Tapping the tap Shuffle Icon always sets the Shuffle mode to 'Shuffle Songs & Categories' - which in the case of a Playlist means PA will shuffle all of the songs in that requested playlist first, then (optionally) it will choose another playlist at random and shuffle that. If the current Repeat mode was set to either 'Single Song' or 'Repeat Song', that will get overridden to the default 'Advance Category'. However 'Repeat Off' (i.e. Play current Category only) or 'Repeat Category' will not get overridden and will remain active.

    When tapping the top Play icon, Shuffle is turned Off and playback will commence with the first song in the requested list. If the current Repeat mode was set to either 'Single Song' or 'Repeat Song', that will get overridden to the default 'Advance Category'. However 'Repeat Off' (i.e. Play current Category only) or 'Repeat Category' will not get overridden and will remain active.

    Of course this is all getting a bit off-topic from your original request for a way to connect several tracks together so they never get split during shuffling (and presumably also the same for the All Songs list, etc) which is up to @maxmp to decide whether he thinks there would be enough demand to make it worthwhile programming.

    I would suggest that any such feature could be linked in with also-requested ability to remove certain types of song from shuffled sequences completely - either by folder location, or genre - so you can avoid hearing audiobook chapters, podcasts, radio shows, dramas, full concerts, etc while listening to shuffled songs.


  3. One of the problems of adding a lot of features is that there is necessarily a learning curve to finding and using some of them.

    The problem with having an option for 'simple shuffle' would be which simple shuffle to choose. I would want it to be the very simplest, 'All Songs' to randomly listen to my whole library. Whereas you would want 'Shuffle Just Songs' (so the Categories stay in order) or perhaps 'Songs & Categories'. While others might want 'Shuffle Categories' (keeping the songs within albums in order) 

    Hence my suggestion of allowing the user to select their chosen shuffle mode via the long-press functionality - i.e. exactly as at present - but make tapping the Shuffle Icon act as a simple on/off toggle. That would do exactly what you want, but with more flexibility.


  4. So when you listen to a given Playlist, rather than just tapping to start playing it, you first add all of its songs into the Queue so you can tweak the song order without affecting the master copy of the Playlist file. Good idea.

    You can use the (menu) > Re-sort feature on Playlists, but as you say there is no facility to order in fine detail (such as by Artist>Album>Disc#>Track#). I would suggest you have a look at an external app called New Playlist Manager from the Play Store, which can do all that and more. 


  5. I just merge tracks that I always want to play together into single MP3/FLAC files, then they never get played out of order. That would be a problem for concept albums though (e.g. War of the Worlds) where you might want access the tracks individually too. I leave those as separate tracks, and just live with the fact that Shuffle may start one track part-way through the story.

    Shuffle can be turned on/off easily enough using long-press on the Shuffle icon. Note doing that will generate a new shuffle sequence when you activate the shuffle mode again, so you might some of the same songs from an album again.

    @maxmp Did you give any thought to my old suggestion for an option where tapping on the Shuffle icon does a simple enable/disable, while long-press is used to select the Shuffle Mode? That would seem to address this poster's question fairly well. Or will that functionality be part of the bigger work of making that row of controls more customisable?

    58 minutes ago, Inclement Death said:

    Also, when sorting by Artist/Album, the track number should also be taken into account. I'll add another feature request for it.

    Set the List Options for the songs level to 'By Disc and Track#'. Each Category and its song level can have its own List Options sorting order.


  6. It's not actually as complex as it seems once you get the hang of it. There's a FAQ here: 


    You can pick the mode directly rather than having to cycle through all of them by long-pressing on the Shuffle icon and choosing from a list. So if you are playing in Albums mode for example:

    Off: Plays everything in its assigned order. No shuffling of albums or songs.

    Shuffle All Songs: Completely randomised, picks songs from the whole Library.

    Shuffle Just Songs: Shuffle all of the tracks in the current album, then move on to the next album and play its tracks shuffled, and so on.

    Shuffle Just Categories: Picks albums at random, but the tracks within each album will be played in the correct order.

    Shuffle Songs and Categories: Combination mode, where an album is chosen at random and its songs are shuffled too, and so on.



  7. 4 hours ago, jaimelikesmusic said:

    I meant that within each category, you could manually reorganize the (ie.) playlists in whatever order you want

    'Playlists' are a separate Category of their own (just like Folders, Albums, Artists, Genres, etc) but because they are a simple flat list of songs they can be adjusted and re-ordered manually song-by-song.

    Other Categories are layered (i.e. have nested levels) and you have to specify a sorting order for each level (e.g. albums or folders level, and then songs level). If you want to control the order that they get shown manually, use Filename or Path as the List Options sorting order, and then rename the folders and/or filenames so they appear in the order you want (e.g. add a couple of digits are the beginning of filenames so they get sorted numerically - usually that would be track numbers, but not necessarily of course).


  8. 4 hours ago, Centermid18 said:

    Ohh no , drivers are need it for each specific device/dac ? 

    No, that was my point, PA does not do that (would be next to impossible as there are so many out there). USB DACs are addressed via Android. Choose an Output method (e.g Hi-Res or OpenSL ES) and set USB DAC to use that method. @maxmp might be able to elaborate on that, as I don't use external DACs on my devivces.


  9. Ah, so you are not actually talking about a 'Playlist' (which is one specific playback method) but more generally about changing from listening to one group of songs - such as an Album or a Folder - to another one, but not until the current one has finished.

    It sounds like you are asking about what I proposed a while ago in this thread:

    At the moment, the only way to change the active playback category is to tap on a new album/folder/song/etc - but that makes the new song start immediately. The queue can be used for a short interruption after the current song has finished, but that is not a permanent change to a new Category (new Album, Artist, Folder, etc).

    I still feel that the 'Play Next' function doesn't currently behave quite as a new user would expect - it ought to be a deferred way to tell PA to commence playing something new after the current song (or Category) finishes. The current task of adding something to the start of the queue could just as easily, and more logically, be achieved via a long-press on '>>Queue'.

    So for example while listening to an Adele album, I could look through my Folders list to find a Pure Moods folder and long-press on it and tap 'Play Next'. That should not enqueue Pure Moods - which would only be a temporary interruption, which is what the '>>Queue' button is for - but instead cause the Pure Moods folder to start as the regular playback category after the Adele album has finished.


  10. Yes, you can set Playlists to remember the position within each list, and within each song too. This is a per-playlist setting: view the particular playlist that you want to modify, tap Menu > List Options, and enable List Memory for 'List Position' and 'Per Track Progress'. Then next time you tap the Play icon at the top of that playlist, it will resume playing wherever you last left off.


  11. So to clarify, you have installed both PA and the PA-EQ on the SD Card used on your Android 9 device, and they are both using the original '_com' data folder structures on the SD Card. PA can read milkdrop preset files from the SD Card folder Android/data/_com.maxmpz.audioplayer/milk_presets/ but the Equalizer app won't read similar files placed in Android/data/_com.maxmpz.equalizer/milk_presets/ .

    Although installing the apps properly on internal memory would probably fix the problem, I agree that it's odd that milkdrop files for one app work fine from SD Card, while the other does not seem to. @maxmp could you comment please?


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