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  1. I'm hoping that kitkat will help. Is that naive?

    Sadly I think so, yes.

    Apart from a kernel which allows you to reduce the hardware gain in the final output stages, the only real answer (which is not an answer) would be to play the music louder to drown the low-level background hiss out. As I said though, this is not really an answer I'm afraid.


  2. As far as I know, once Poweramp has verified its license online, it should not need to do so again unless you make major changes to your system such as clearing your app data, installing a new ROM, etc. However a number of users have reported in the past that validation seem to occur more often than that.

    You could try uninstalling the Unlocker app, then reinstall it from the Google Play store (it's free to reinstall as long as you've purchased it once) and then let it authenticate over the next day or two.


  3. Once you have created your playlist (assuming you are doing this from within Poweramp), view the Playlist in Library>Playlists and click on the first song that you wish to play. That should start the song playing in Playlist mode, rather than in All Songs order. If you just want the playlist to start at the beginning, long-press on the Playlist's name to bring up the submenu and press the play button. Oh, and make sure Shuffle is turned off in the player screen.

    For a song to be available for a playlist to play (either an internal Poweramp list or an external M3U one) it must be in the overall Poweramp Library first - to select which folders you wish to include, use the Settings>FoldersAndLibrary>MusicFolders selector to choose which parts of your Android file system you want to include (i.e. your music folders) or exclude (your notification tones, etc).


  4. Glad I could help. I always use PA in Folder mode as it gives so much more control back to the user. I actually prefer viewing in List mode rather than Hierarchy, as although it makes the list longer to scroll through, it's often easier than drilling down (and back up) through several folder layers.

    My theory is that if I wanted a phone that told me how things should work, rather than the other way around, I'd have bought an iPhone in the first place. :)


  5. The system you describe works fine for me, I use just that method of folder/file sorting myself.

    I have Folder-level sorting set to "By Path", and "View As" set to "List". Then File-level sorting is set to "By Filename".

    Then within the Player UI screen I can play tracks for as long as I want with the 'Shuffle icon' activate, and when I drop out of Shuffle mode (by turning the icon to "Off") my music continues to play in the original desired path order (i.e. ordered by folder/filename, with Next/Prev acting as you would expect).


  6. Do you mean when adding songs to a playlist (which is what the Duplicates menu option refers to) or do you mean that songs/albums appear twice in your Library? If the latter, you need to check "Settings" > "Folders and Library" > "Music Folders" and ensure that if there are two seemingly identical file systems showing, you only have one of them ticked.


  7. For the first point, go to the Poweramp Folders view, press Menu, select "List Options" and set "View As" to "Hierarchy".

    For your second question, select Poweramp Settings > "Folders and Library" > "List" > "List Item Click Action" and then choose your preferred mode (either "Play and Stay In List" or "Enqueue and Stay In List").


  8. You don't mention anything useful like what sort of device you are using of your ROM version, but I'm wondering whether you might be using a KitKat ROM, and you have your music stored on an external SD card? If so, there's a built-in Android limitation which prevents apps from writing to external SD cards. If so, try the same thing with some music on the internal phone storage and see if that works.


  9. If these are website purchases, please see http://support.powerampapp.com/knowledgebase/articles/324284-restore-poweramp-purchase-build-550 as the re-activation process has been improved from version 550 onward to use a menu option called "Already Purchased?" (you need to install the version downloaded from this site, rather than Play Store, to use this feature though - but once done, you can go back to using Play Store updates as usual).


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