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  1. The following reply was posted on Twitter (From @PowerampApp) on the subject of streaming services in general, though I'm not sure whether it includes output streaming or just playback sources:


    We know some people have asked for streaming services but in our test audio quality goes down when we stream audio, so that's not a priority



  2. I believe it is something that is being planned for the future.

    Personally, I'm still rather old-school, the only things I put in the cloud are things I want to share with other people. My own stuff stays on my own devices, where I can always get at it.


  3. It doesn't auto-play for me when I start the app; it remembers where I last got to, but opens in the Player screen with playback set ready to resume there when I press the Play button. You don't have the 'Resume on Start' option selected do you? (in Settings > Audio > Audio Focus)


  4. Hi dear max,is it too much to ask for the bass\treble knobs values to be at 50% in flat EQ by default like every other pro audio software on the planet?

    I must admit that would be a lot more user-intuitive compared to real-world bass/treble controls.

    Also, it would be nice if the balance control panned fully to 100% left or 100% right (at present it just attenuates a bit).


  5. I've been asking for ages for a few different feature options for the up/down and left/right album art swipe actions. Currently it's just an on/off toggle for track changing and list changing, both of which have perfectly good buttons in the main control area already so are just duplications of exiting functionality.

    I'd suggest up/down and left/right be selectable from a few options, including:

    Volume control

    Skip by user-selectable periods (e.g. to allow 10 seconds forward/backward for left/right swipes, and 60 seconds moves for up/down)

    Track change (next/previous track)

    List change (e.g. next/previous album or folder)

    I'm sure there are other possibilities too, maybe a better (incremental-movement) timeline scrub feature?


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