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"play next" feature

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I can best explain this by an example. You hear all your music in shuffle Mode but as the next song you want to hear your favorite one so you choose it to "play next" and then it will play after the current song ends (for example you are at song 35/500 and then you do this and your favorite song will play at 36/500). I really liked this feature in the google Play music app but since i only use Poweramp i would be glad if this would be added. With this you can also play the song you want as the next one without restarting the whole shuffle playlist ^^

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That feature has been included for years, it's called the Queue. Just long-press on any song in your library that you want to hear next ,and tap "Add to Queue", and it will be played after the current song has finished. You can add multiple songs into the queue, and even change the desired playback order if you want. Once the queued song(s) are finished, playback will resume with the next song from the original playback order before it was interrupted.

Note: there are a couple of options to control how the queue operates - such as whether a queued sing is played immediately or after the current song has finished, whether the queue contents should be allowed to be shuffled or not, etc. See Poweramp Settings > Folders and Library > Queue.


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