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Bass Boost Quick Button

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I would LOVE to see a Bass Boost "Quick Button" added to the play screen on Poweramp which can be turned on or off with a SINGLE tap . I know there's a Bass Boost preset in the EQ settings, but that takes more time to access, and is much less convenient. I only use Bass Boost on certain types of music, NOT all. It is arguably the most POPULAR preset because a lot of people like bass. The Bass Boost should only add A LITTLE BIT of bass to the music, not a lot though, just like the Bass Boost preset on there, but perhaps even a little less?? It should be MINIMAL at best. You DON'T want it to make the bass sound bloated and overshadow everything else. 

I really think adding this would benefit Poweramp's sales because their competitors (besides OTHER music player apps) are portable dedicated music players like the Walkman and also portable amp/DAC devices like the Oppo HA-2SE. These offer a QUICK Bass Boost option which Poweramp doesn't. So in order to better compete with them, Poweramp should include this. I'm sure a lot of people will enjoy using it. 


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Well you can do it with a couple of fairly easy taps (this is in the alpha-test release for v3 by the way).

First, set up your own preferred settings as an EQ preset, that way you can control how much bass boost you want. Then during playback simply tap the EQ icon at the top of the screen, (or swipe in from the right if you're a gestures type of person) then tap the Preset line near the top of the screen and you choose your preset. Turn it off by doing the same thing and selecting Flat, or another preferred preset. OK, not quite an on/off toggle, but still pretty easy to do.

Personally I would like most of the icons on the Player screens to act as simple on/off toggles when you tap them, or to load the full list of choices you would long-press on the icon. That could apply to Shuffle, Repeat, EQ, etc


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