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  1. All the deep sound settings from opensl to other stuff like dithering etc. I Really haven't a clue but always wanted to maximise my Poweramp to it's full potential. 👍
  2. Wish Poweramp had a YouTube learning service.
  3. Hello Poweramp users. Has anyone made a proper to camera video of the various settings on YouTube and equalizers settings. Would love to see a professional YouTuber do one. All I seen are just pictures or cheaply made no facing to camera non chat types. I would love to know how to set my player correctly but I learn easier by watching videos rather than words on a screen.
  4. Nice one. Thanks Andre ? ?
  5. Thanks Andrew. I have just saved them to my Google drive ? would be better if there was a way of saving so when I buy a new phone or change SD card I could import them back similar to playlists . I'm a bit new to here though I been using Poweramp for around 5 years I think ? what do you think of new layout (I'm a beta tester but does that mean I won't be able to get third party skins or will I e eventually get them once the makers of skins redo into the new layout? Has anyone here ever done a YouTube video of understanding the settings like dither to other sound settings which are complex . Would love to learn about them. Cheers.
  6. Yes I agree. I think it's hidden somewhere when you get all songs list but I forget how to get the quantity ?
  7. Hello. I have ocd ? so now every track has the correct artwork in its mostly high quality format. Now how can I save this. Will there be a way save into a cloud? Or another tip to save. I don't own a computer so I only want to save via my phone. Many thanks.
  8. I'm the same I use 1000x1000 album arts too. I done a lot of work to make my phone artwork look great. I wish I could save the work I done though and remove the stupid usually incorrect embedded art work. ?
  9. Yeah it's odd that I can share with whatsapp ? but won't let me change to other sources ? let's get sharing and caring involved
  10. Would be good to have a separate Poweramp widget controller with bass boost ,reverb , sound stages. Equaliser Lights show toggle on and off etc
  11. Hello. I want to be able to save all the singles art covers I've downloaded (my preferred art) . Is there gonna be a file I can save them to one day or a cloud system . I also want to remove the embedded art work too. I would pay ten pounds to be able to do that via this app or similar app. I'm sick of wrong artwork embedded. I'd love to know why this happens. I will get some crazy pictures that have nothing to do with the track I've downloaded. I don't own a computer so an app version of deleting embedded stuff would be cool. ?
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