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Playlists not visible in other Android Apps


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Poweramp does create playlists in its own database so yes, you do not see these with other apps. However, Poweramp allows you to export the playlists as .m3u files which are picked up by other music apps. .m3u is an accepted standard for playlists. Have a look at my app New Playlist Manager which has a lot of integration with Poweramp.

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On 09/21/2016 at 5:29 PM, andrewilley said:

Poweramp's Export Playlists feature uses the .M3U8 extension (for UTF-8 character-encoded files). If that is not picked up by your other apps, changing the file to simply ASCII text .M3U


How to do that? Poweramp only export .m3u8 playlist and apparently simply rename them to .m3u doesn't work. Is there any methods to change file to ASCⅡ .m3u?

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The only difference between M3U and M3U8 is that the latter uses a larger Unicode character set (called UTF-8) rather than the original, but rather more limited, ASCII set. See https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/M3U for more info.

In many cases you can simply change the file extension, but otherwise if Unicode text is not supported by your other apps for some reason, just cut and paste the contents into a text editor and re-save it as a regular ASCII .M3U file. The content should be lines of plain text either way, but the ASCII version will not support as many international characters, etc. 

The actual format can be really simple, just a long list of paths to your song files, e.g:
/storage/extSdCard/MusicFolders/Singles/Find My Love - Fairground Attraction.mp3
/storage/extSdCard/MusicFolders/Singles/Fire with Fire - Scissor Sisters.mp3
/storage/extSdCard/MusicFolders/Singles/Fireflies - Owl City.mp3
/storage/extSdCard/MusicFolders/Singles/Get Lucky - Daft Punk feat Pharrell and Nile Rodgers.mp3

If you want to make your paths 'relative' (i.e. more portable) you can remove some or all of the initial path information, but you must then place the actual M3U file in an appropriate location so it can find the files as per their new descriptions. e.g. I could save the above playlist within my 'MusicFolders' folder, and change the individual entries to:
Singles/Find My Love - Fairground Attraction.mp3
Singles/Fire with Fire - Scissor Sisters.mp3
Singles/Fireflies - Owl City.mp3
Singles/Get Lucky - Daft Punk feat Pharrell and Nile Rodgers.mp3

By default, Poweramp uses the full absolute paths (first example), which should work wherever the playlist file is saved on a device - just as long as you don't change the specific folder locations that the music files are stored in.


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