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Album by artists filter - change threshold of number of songs before listing it in this filter

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Currently the album by artist view shows an artists in the high level list, and an album under that artist even if there is only a single song from an album in the library.

If you have playlists that have single songs snatched from various albums, what this leads to is an artists by album list that is mostly comprised of artists that only have a one or two songs in the library.

When I use this view, I'm looking for artists with whom I've uploaded an entire album, and that I wish to listed to the entire album of an artist.

It would be really useful to be able to change a setting in Poweramp to deny being placed in this list unless a threshold of songs is reached to qualify as having an album.  To include most EP's that number would likely be four for a single album, but having it configurable would seem appropriate so individuals can choose their own threshold to suit themselves: so classical music listening people who may only have 4 titles in an album can have something that suits them more appropriately. Of course, if you wanted the list to appear as it currently does, you would simply set the threshold to >=1, retaining existing behaviour.

The query language needed to implement this is trivial and not at all cpu intensive, so it seems an easy tweak to make this view much much more useful.

Cheers, and thanks for your great app.


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