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Library Listing by "Artist" is Broken!

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I have reported the following on your Bug Reporting Form:


I am a Poweramp Full Version (v2.09 build 539) user. I'm sorry to report that a recent update broke the listing of albums categorized as "Various Artists".  I can no longer see "Various Artists" when viewing my library by Artist. Instead, the individual artists within each album in my "Various Artists" folder is broken out as a separate artist.  This sucks!  I used to see a manageable list of about 60 artists.  Now it has exploded into a list of nearly 300 or more artists - mostly with 1, 2 or 3 songs and is totally unmanageable. Many of these artists I don't even recognize.  I have the Album Artist tag in all these audio files set to "Various Artists" and it used to work just fine.  Now it doesn't work any more.  I have this problem on two different devices - a Samsung Galaxy S III and a Google Nexus 7 (2013).


Is there a new setting for this that I've missed or, is a fix in the works?





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