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Dual (or more) play memories

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I use Poweramp a lot - it is my favorite player - thanks.

Sometimes I listen to Audio books - which by their nature are long. So I set Poweramp off playing the many tracks from a folder (or playlist). However sometimes I want a break and to listen to some music. What I would like to have is two (or more) play memories which I can switch between = one for remembering where I am in my Audio book and one for my music. I would then like to be able to switch between them so that when I switch back to the Audio book play memory, I resume where I last left off. The same for when I switch to the music play memory. The memory is really just a memory of where I am in a play sequence (progress through a folder or playlist).

So is there a way to do this already (which I have not found) or could this be added as a feature?

Regards Tony.

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