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improve the way android handles the lockscreen

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This applies to both, the stable and beta releases. 

First about my setup
I'm on a Lg-g4 h811
I'm running cm13 nightly (built on 02/18/2016) 
Selinux is set to permissive 
Im using viper4android as a priv-app
I have some xposed modules however none should effect Viper or Poweramp
My Poweramp release chanel is beta/alpha 
my Poweramp version is alpha-build-703-play

My request. 

Improve the lockscreen. 
My main complaint with Poweramp is with the lockscreen, I hate how when the app switcher list both Poweramp "main"  and the lockscreen separately. 


Tl;dr: Is any way to make the lockscreen not list itself as a app in the picker. 

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