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So far, so good, beautiful

Tristan Young

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Thank you for letting us alpha-test the new Poweramp.

So far, it seems to be running quite well.  I played it for a little while, and even ran through all the visualizations and rated one.  So far, no crashing or apparent errors.

I will be testing this on my car's pristine audio setup with some super-long mixes I am very familiar with.  I'll be listening for artifacts and unusual glitches.  Will report anything I find.

One thing you might want to mention is where the export/import settings (backup) are located.

Export/Import Settings

Located in the Poweramp menu.  Select Settings, then open the upper-right menu (3 dots on top of each other) to find import/export options.

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I suggested (a long time ago) having Import Settings and Export Settings within the main Settings menu itself (as an "Import/Export" selection, which would open a submenu also including the Playlist import/export options).

I really can't see any logic at all in having to press the Menu button again to find further hidden choices within an existing menu. Users rarely find it on their own, I've had to explain how to do it numerous times in the past.


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