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  1. Why would you need to get out of the beta program? I am in the beta program, and I was able to revert to 828 without uninstalling or re-installing. And reverting to 828 definitely helped, as I'm now able to use Poweramp while connected to a bluetooth audio device. I just need to make sure I don't update Poweramp to the buggy version, which won't be a problem. So, what ill-effects will I experience by not getting out of the beta program? I want to remain in the beta program, albeit skip 829.
  2. I'm trying to install the previous version build 828, but keep getting apk appears corrupt errors. Tried even earlier versions, same corrupt error. Edit: Figured it out. If you're having problems downgrading, do the following: 1. Export your Poweramp settings. 2. Uninstall Poweramp. 3. Install the earlier build (eg: 828). <-- now it installs fine 4. Import your Poweramp settings.
  3. Since the latest build 829, Poweramp crashes immediately on startup when connected to a bluetooth audio device. Phone: Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge Android: 7.0 Poweramp works fine when not connected to a bluetooth device. The previous build I had installed of Poweramp worked well without crashing. Tested with multiple bluetooth audio devices, results are identical.
  4. Hello. Enjoying Poweramp v3. A recent update forced audio ducking in my config. I've never used ducking before in a player. Now that I've tried it, I actually like the idea a little bit, but it could use some improvement. I would like to only have the audio duck when a sound/notification from specific apps play. (ducking app whitelist) I would also like to configure the ducking volume level when an app is playing sound.. Finally, I would love to also configure the ducking volume level when an app is recording audio. For example: I never want notifications/sounds causing audio ducking, except for WAZE.. Waze is a GPS-enabled social map, which notifies drivers about things like police, road hazards/stopped vehicles, construction, red light, speed cameras, etc. These notifications would be nice to trigger the ducking. I would prefer the audio ducking to be less-aggressive in volume reduction. It would be nice to be able to set the duck volume for any whitelisted apps, such as Waze, and Voxer. This would round-off the ducking feature nicely IMO.
  5. Ok, here are some basics... 1. Don't just go with the simple cliche-esque smile-shaped EQ curve. And yes, that's what I used to do. Wouldn't doubt that everyone does this at first. 2. Ideally, you need to find settings that sound good for you. This takes into account the kinds of music you enjoy listening to, and the amplifiers, speakers and headphones you'll be replaying through. You may end up creating several EQ curve presets, because there may not be one best one if you like a variety of music, or play poorly recorded/mastered source material. 3. I would use either tone controls, or EQ. I never use both. Actually, I never use tone controls. 4. It's preferable to cut a few db on the EQ sliders, rather than boost. If there was one frequency you wanted to boost, you could cut the rest to achieve the same effect. I start with the EQ flat, then play a looping sine wave sample who's frequency rises and falls, covering the whole audible spectrum. Listen for frequencies that are exaggerated or shallow, and cut/boost the frequencies until the rising/falling sine wave sounds flat, without peaks or dips in energy. I will then play a variety of music, and make small adjustments until I get the best overall sound. One thing... There is something called ear fatigue. If you spend a long time playing music and playing around with the EQ controls, you will eventually become oblivious to how bad the sound has truly become. You will often notice after giving your ears time to relax, like after a good sleep.
  6. I play music 100% of the time through bluetooth. Upon disconnect, it would be nice if the launcher would re-appear. I can't remember exactly, but I think the old behaviour was it would return to the launcher. I am continually hitting controls accidentally when undocking my phone after shutting off my car. Sometimes I'll accidentally change the current song play location - which I attribute to the new seek bar (not really liking it), and Poweramp remaining on-screen. Tested with Poweramp v3 build 793.
  7. There is a v3 bug report forum. Might be good to put it there, since this thread is going to get polluted.
  8. Very disappointed? LOL. This is a beta release, not a pre release or a final release. You're supposed to discover bugs and report them, and there's even a dedicated bug report forum for v3 right here: https://forum.powerampapp.com/forum/19-bug-reports-Poweramp-v3/ I notice you haven't filed it as a bug yet in the appropriate forum.
  9. Wow, that seems like a gross amount of bass. You're cranking the bass, AND you're boosting the low frequencies. No, I don't see any problem with that. I keep the bass and treble controls flat, and rather than boosting the frequencies I want to enhance, I cut the other frequencies. Gives the same effective boost - with none of the issues associated with boosting a lot. Sometimes you have to boost, but generally you should make small adjustments. I like bass and highs, but not at the expense of distortion, artifacts, etc. The kind of music I listen to is bass-heavy, such as dark psy-trance. For this, I actually keep my bass flat. A little more bass sounds nicer, but the moment I start hitting the levels you're pushing your bass and EQ, I get horrible distortion and artifacts. Just tested this myself. Ugh. Don't do that!
  10. Two simple issues: 1. Transparency % for the panels, etc. The % is reversed. Transparency should be 0% - no transparency, and 100% - full transparency. When I set transparency to 100, the controls lack transparency, or from another point of view, are 100% opaque. Oops 2. Visualization full-screen: The transition from showing the player controls to full-screen visualization happens too soon. I need a chance to see the screen, and press the buttons before the visualization takes over. This delay should be configurable. Keep in mind the target audience - some have visual impairment (not me), and some need time to focus on the content of the screen (me, almost everyone possibly). Also, screens can be difficult to see under bright lighting conditions, requiring additional time to see the controls. Poweramp v3 build 793
  11. Thank you for the update Max. It's great. I found a few things that are odd. 1. Transparency % for the panels, etc. The % is reversed. Transparency should be 0% - no transparency, and 100% - full transparency. When I set transparency to 100, the controls lack transparency, or from another point of view, are 100% opaque. Oops 2. Visualization full-screen: The transition from showing the player controls to full-screen visualization happens too soon. I need a chance to see the screen, and press the buttons before the visualization takes over. This delay should be configurable. Keep in mind the target audience - some have visual impairment (not me), and some need time to focus on the content of the screen (me, almost everyone possibly). Loving the improvements. Ok. I was saying Material Design was a waste of time, but I'm liking what I see. Poweramp definitely feels more modern. I was wrong. I might have to spend the night in my car listening to dark/forest psy-trance. Definitely liking the sound quality. It's incredible.
  12. I disagree with the partial refund idea. Development is progressing, but not at the rate you prefer, and not with the communications or with a beta release schedule you've become accustomed to with other projects.
  13. I am not all that surprised at the behaviour of some users. Impatient, thinking they are owed stuff, etc. Let's look at the details: - People voted for a Material Design upgrade. This doesn't make Poweramp truly better, but, sigh.... the majority want it. Redesign and re-coding is required. - Poweramp v2.x works great. That's what people paid for. It doesn't matter that it's several years old. People got what they paid for. Did I mention it works great? - Poweramp v3.x is going to be a free upgrade. That should be enough to keep people happy, but sadly, it isn't. - Poweramp v3.x beta releases have been made available. If you don't mind the bugs and lack of features, it might be enough for you. - Max maintains Poweramp as a side interest. He probably has another full-time job, and more important "family" obligations. Developers have lives too. - Life has a way of stirring up crap that has to be dealt with, causing other things to get shelved, delayed, and reduced in priority. No doubt crap that's more important than Poweramp. - Lots of people complaining about low rate of beta releases, lack of communications from the developer, and broken promises. It doesn't matter in the grand scheme of things. Really, it doesn't. - Poweramp is not a rip, a circus tent, or a sham. If that was true, we wouldn't have a beta release in April 2018. Let's be honest. You want something new, and the silence is uncomfortable. - Max never has to do this, or do that. - As the first post clearly states: [Admin Reminder: Development timings are very hard to predict, so timescales can vary. Repeated ETA requests won't help speed up the process, and may even get your post removed as clutter] I'm happy to have found a Poweramp v3 beta that works on my phone, and provides great sound. I can depend on it. It doesn't crash on me. It has never let me down. Would it be nice to have more? Sure, why not? But I'd rather Max take his time and get it right, while still being able to take care of the things that truly matter in his life, whether it's a wife/husband, kids, pets, a business where he might be responsible for employing people in turn helping them put a roof over their heads, food on the table, etc. If you're not happy with the pace of Poweramp development, may as well move on to something else. Complaining about it produces zero results. There are lots of other music players available; perhaps you'll find one you like. Or, you could write a killer music app of your own, release it, make money, and better the android platform. To Max, Thank you for creating Poweramp, and continue to develop/upgrade it. Looking forward to the next release. I don't care when it comes out. Much respect dude. If it never comes out, at least I got more than what I paid for - v2, and some v3 betas. Hope everything is going well with you.
  14. Why couldn't it be re-compiled to use a different database area? There's no reason why an alpha or beta has to use the same app directories and data. Considering alphas are advertised as being potentially unstable, I would want people to test my product as much as possible, yet still have a way to easily revert to the current official and working release. I used to keep the official Firefox for android release and the Firefox beta for android on my phone, so it must be possible.
  15. So, is there a way we can install Poweramp v3 alpha side-by-side with Poweramp v2.x, and still be able to make use of our license? I would like to continue testing when I'm not using a bluetooth audio device, but need to use Poweramp v2.x while in my car.
  16. I think the point is it's dangerous to fiddle when we should be concentrating on the road. The user shouldn't have to fast-forward each time they turn on their car. The play position is reset to the beginning of the media item both when the bluetooth audio device connects and after it disconnects, so if I want to continue to listen to it in the house, at work or in the car, I have to fast-forward back to the last play position every time. In any case, I love Poweramp, and I'll alpha-test the next build.
  17. ... and if you go over a bump, you could end up skipping to the next media item.
  18. I have a bug report out on this feature, because it doesn't work. With a bluetooth audio device connected (car headunit), pressing and holding the forward and reverse buttons on the headunit should cue and review through the current media item, however it skips to the next media item, rather than staying within the current media item. It works fine if you're not connected via bluetooth. I can press the forward/reverse buttons on-screen my smartphone, and they function properly. As soon as the bluetooth connects, things go sour. It also works fine in Poweramp v2. My average media item is over an hour long, with many mixes lasting 1.5 to 2 hours. I am not giving up on Poweramp, I just can't compromise safety on the road to test the alpha in its current state.
  19. Unfortunately I can no longer test Poweramp v3. It's a matter of safety, a desire to avoid fines, and extreme inconvenience. The bluetooth bugs create a complication. If I was playing through the headphone jack 100% of the time, and not accepting phone calls, then it would be less of a problem, but the fact is Poweramp is no longer a player I can use with respect to motor vehicles, and is a liability. I can't be fiddling with my phone while I'm driving (I don't, and I don't want to start either). Unfortunately my testing time is often my driving time. Adjusting my play position, trying to cue up my last play position, or trying to resume the music after a phone call could land me with a fine, even if I'm in a parking lot or drive-through. I am tired of hearing the first 30 minutes of the same mix every time I start my car. I am forced to revert to Poweramp v2 and discontinue testing of the alpha. When the next Poweramp alpha rolls out, I will try it once again, and update my bug reports. I'd like to continue testing, to help make the product better. I suggest Poweramp v3 alphas should be able to be easily installed in parallel to the v2 releases. This way people like me can still easily test Poweramp alphas, and easily fall-back to Poweramp v2 when the alpha is not compatible in some way. That way people like me can continue testing.
  20. Poweramp 3 alpha 700 doesn't respond correctly to forward/reverse commands sent via bluetooth correctly. Testing procedure: 1. Connect phone to bluetooth audio device (eg: car) 2. Play a media file 3. Press and hold the forward or reverse button on the bluetooth audio device Expected results: Poweramp should fast forward or rewind within the current media item What actually happens: Poweramp skips to the next or previous media item The correct behavior works properly in Poweramp v2.x.
  21. I could care less about material design. Poweramp is a powerful and fantastic music player that doesn't need to conform to any specific appearance. If you want new features, I'd like to have shoutcast support. Many will say it's pointless as WinAMP is going down the tubes, but the new authors have to remove all the AOL-bits they don't have rights to, re-write parts, and from what I understand it's reached an internal alpha stage. I don't want to use the android WinAMP (for which I also paid for), but I would like to be able to use Poweramp to access Shoutcast. DLNA, while nice, is a very low priority for me, I don't even run a DLNA server anymore. Considering all the buggy implementations of DLNA, It's easier for me to just copy my own media to my rather capacious phone, than deal with the crap that calls itself DLNA.
  22. I agree with this. Before complicating matters, fix the simple things first. Then add more. For me, the only two things that are making me contemplate reverting to Poweramp v2.x is the Bluetooth resume and Bluetooth play position reset bugs. The first one is a safety issue. They are both a serious issue in Ontario, Canada due to current laws; regardless of whether you are parked along the side of the road, parked in a public parking lot or stopped in a drive-through, if you are fiddling with your phone while behind the wheel, it's an automatic fine when caught. Kinda puts a damper on testing this alpha version when there is a fine involved, or you risk drawing your attention away from the road.
  23. Confirmed... Playback will not auto-resume after phonecall terminates. Tested only with bluetooth. Steps to repeat: 1. Connect via bluetooth to hands-free audio device, such as a car radio. 2. Start playing an MP3. 3. Place a phonecall. 4. End phonecall. 5. Wait and see if Poweramp resumes playback. Tested with Poweramp alpha 700. This worked properly in the most recent Poweramp v2.x.
  24. What version of OS are you running? I noticed this behavior starting on Android 5.0.4, so I wonder if it's a Poweramp issue, or an OS issue. If the OS is delaying signalling the unplug (or bluetooth disconnect) to the app, then this would be an OS issue. I get the same effect if I force-disconnect bluetooth, such as when I turn my car off. It's annoying, but not a show-stopper.
  25. Just noticed another bluetooth issue. I need to perform further testing. Poweramp was playing, then called my wife hands-free. After the phone call, the player didn't resume. I was able to resume playback safely once I arrived at a stop light. I consider this a safety issue, since the driver shouldn't have to deal with resuming. Will re-test and verify.
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