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  1. Why would you need to get out of the beta program? I am in the beta program, and I was able to revert to 828 without uninstalling or re-installing. And reverting to 828 definitely helped, as I'm now able to use Poweramp while connected to a bluetooth audio device. I just need to make sure I don't update Poweramp to the buggy version, which won't be a problem. So, what ill-effects will I experience by not getting out of the beta program? I want to remain in the beta program, albeit skip 829.
  2. I'm trying to install the previous version build 828, but keep getting apk appears corrupt errors. Tried even earlier versions, same corrupt error. Edit: Figured it out. If you're having problems downgrading, do the following: 1. Export your Poweramp settings. 2. Uninstall Poweramp. 3. Install the earlier build (eg: 828). <-- now it installs fine 4. Import your Poweramp settings.
  3. Since the latest build 829, Poweramp crashes immediately on startup when connected to a bluetooth audio device. Phone: Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge Android: 7.0 Poweramp works fine when not connected to a bluetooth device. The previous build I had installed of Poweramp worked well without crashing. Tested with multiple bluetooth audio devices, results are identical.
  4. Hello. Enjoying Poweramp v3. A recent update forced audio ducking in my config. I've never used ducking before in a player. Now that I've tried it, I actually like the idea a little bit, but it could use some improvement. I would like to only have the audio duck when a sound/notification from specific apps play. (ducking app whitelist) I would also like to configure the ducking volume level when an app is playing sound.. Finally, I would love to also configure the ducking volume level when an app is recording audio. For example: I never want notifications/sounds causing audio ducking, except for WAZE.. Waze is a GPS-enabled social map, which notifies drivers about things like police, road hazards/stopped vehicles, construction, red light, speed cameras, etc. These notifications would be nice to trigger the ducking. I would prefer the audio ducking to be less-aggressive in volume reduction. It would be nice to be able to set the duck volume for any whitelisted apps, such as Waze, and Voxer. This would round-off the ducking feature nicely IMO.
  5. Ok, here are some basics... 1. Don't just go with the simple cliche-esque smile-shaped EQ curve. And yes, that's what I used to do. Wouldn't doubt that everyone does this at first. 2. Ideally, you need to find settings that sound good for you. This takes into account the kinds of music you enjoy listening to, and the amplifiers, speakers and headphones you'll be replaying through. You may end up creating several EQ curve presets, because there may not be one best one if you like a variety of music, or play poorly recorded/mastered source material. 3. I would use either tone controls, or EQ. I never use both. Actually, I never use tone controls. 4. It's preferable to cut a few db on the EQ sliders, rather than boost. If there was one frequency you wanted to boost, you could cut the rest to achieve the same effect. I start with the EQ flat, then play a looping sine wave sample who's frequency rises and falls, covering the whole audible spectrum. Listen for frequencies that are exaggerated or shallow, and cut/boost the frequencies until the rising/falling sine wave sounds flat, without peaks or dips in energy. I will then play a variety of music, and make small adjustments until I get the best overall sound. One thing... There is something called ear fatigue. If you spend a long time playing music and playing around with the EQ controls, you will eventually become oblivious to how bad the sound has truly become. You will often notice after giving your ears time to relax, like after a good sleep.
  6. There is a v3 bug report forum. Might be good to put it there, since this thread is going to get polluted.
  7. Very disappointed? LOL. This is a beta release, not a pre release or a final release. You're supposed to discover bugs and report them, and there's even a dedicated bug report forum for v3 right here: https://forum.powerampapp.com/forum/19-bug-reports-Poweramp-v3/ I notice you haven't filed it as a bug yet in the appropriate forum.
  8. Wow, that seems like a gross amount of bass. You're cranking the bass, AND you're boosting the low frequencies. No, I don't see any problem with that. I keep the bass and treble controls flat, and rather than boosting the frequencies I want to enhance, I cut the other frequencies. Gives the same effective boost - with none of the issues associated with boosting a lot. Sometimes you have to boost, but generally you should make small adjustments. I like bass and highs, but not at the expense of distortion, artifacts, etc. The kind of music I listen to is bass-heavy, such as dark psy-trance. For this, I actually keep my bass flat. A little more bass sounds nicer, but the moment I start hitting the levels you're pushing your bass and EQ, I get horrible distortion and artifacts. Just tested this myself. Ugh. Don't do that!
  9. Thank you for the update Max. It's great. I found a few things that are odd. 1. Transparency % for the panels, etc. The % is reversed. Transparency should be 0% - no transparency, and 100% - full transparency. When I set transparency to 100, the controls lack transparency, or from another point of view, are 100% opaque. Oops 2. Visualization full-screen: The transition from showing the player controls to full-screen visualization happens too soon. I need a chance to see the screen, and press the buttons before the visualization takes over. This delay should be configurable. Keep in mind the target audience - some have visual impairment (not me), and some need time to focus on the content of the screen (me, almost everyone possibly). Loving the improvements. Ok. I was saying Material Design was a waste of time, but I'm liking what I see. Poweramp definitely feels more modern. I was wrong. I might have to spend the night in my car listening to dark/forest psy-trance. Definitely liking the sound quality. It's incredible.
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