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Playing playlist only


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Please tell me how to get Poweramp to play only the playlist(s) that I have enqueued.

Here's what I've done:
1. In >FoldersAndLibrary>FoldersSelection> I unclicked all folder hierarchies except the one containing the music from which I intend to create playlists.
2. In >FoldersAndLibrary>Folders/LibraryScanner>, I unchecked all options (ie: "AutoScan" is UNCHECKED).

3. In >FoldersAndLibrary>Queue> I unchecked all options.
4. I created a playlist with about 20 songs.

...but still, when I enqueue a playlist, Poweramp goes through and plays ALL songs instead of playing just the songs from the playlist I have enqueued.  Please tell me what's wrong.  

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