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Converting File-based playlists to Internal Playlists


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Poweramp will not reimport as a Poweramp playlist. I export my playlists, update the phone, reinstall Poweramp and it won't import the exported playlist. I get 0 files found 0 files imported. Just like everyone else.

My idea of a backup is after you reinstall the program or app you can import the backup and it is EXACTLY the way it was before it was exported. IE, its exported as a Poweramp playlist and imported as a Poweramp playlist... Not a system playlist.

Can you show me how Poweramp can do that without a third party app please?

Ellwood Howard


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You don't need to import the M3U8 playlist files, they should be picked up on the next music scan as long as you have put them in a suitable place on your new device ('import' only brings any Android system playlists into Poweramp, nothing more).

Do the playlists appear in PA's playlists category but you don't see any music contents, or do you not even see the list names?

Are your music files and playlists located in the same places they were before? If you have moved them to a new phone/device, the paths may have changed from the paths stored in the playlist files.


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