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  1. Andre, gorgeous! Indeed, it is a bit clunky, but finally a way to work around. Tank you! (Though I could have found this option by myself... ;-() And again, I wonder, why the PA people do not react on suggestions like mine. They could have saved us all a lot of time - let allone the effort to solve this issue in a professional way ... gol
  2. ... and I am still wondering why other PA users do not jump in - how are they dealing with modifying their playlists once they have exported/imported them? Is this not a general issue for all PA users? (Thus I am still not sure whether I am missing something or did not clarify my point properly ...)
  3. You are both very dedicated, thank you. But sorry, file-based playlists are only useful to me in order to backup/saving and transferring playlists. Using PA in everydays life they are useless since not changeable/extandable. And I do not want to ship around using an additional app, this doesn't make life easier. As every restart of the mobile will rescan (and overwrite) the (changed) file based PL I would have to backup the playlist after every single added song....No way. So I guess I have to wait for the PA people to give an ear to that issue. gol @ Theoklink: "... importing file based playlists is probably superfluous as these playlists are likely to exist as an android playlist which pa does import..." has confused me again, as PA obviously does NOT import these playlists into its own PL structure.
  4. Thanx again, TheoKlink, at least, my request is now a sensible one , Hope the PA guys see it similar. (Where are they by the way, the most active people in the forum are obviously not working for PA...) I would love to find a solution. But as I understand, when I use your PL manager app I cannot add a song I am listening to with PA to an existing PL, is that correct? I would always have to swap to your app?
  5. pls also note our conversation in http://forum.powerampapp.com/index.php?/topic/8270-playlists-2-confusing-types/, where andrewilley gave me less hope on this request
  6. TheoKlink, thank you that you are still with me... But unfortunately it is NOT the case that imported file based playlists become an internal playlist: in poweramps playlist view the PLs are divided into internal and file based playlistsinternal playlists are generated (only) when creating a new playlistthe file based playlists come from the files I copied into the folder Poweramp is screening automatically ("When you import a file based playlist, you actually create a new internal Poweramp playlist with the same name" - where? I cannot see them.)once I have deleted the files from the directory as you suggested the corresponding playlists first contain no songs and upon refreshing the view the playlists are gone.and they have not become an internal playlist before...Since you seem so certain I hope that I am missing a point ... gol
  7. Thank you again. @ TheoKlink: "I advise that you delete this playlist after it was successfully imported" You mean I delete the imported file-based playlist from the directory which is sreened by Poweramp so it cannnot overwrite the alraedy imported one by a rescan? That means, that Poweramp is saving the imported file-based playlist somewhere? WHERE? And - Where does Poweramp save this imported playlist after I added another song? How can I save/export this changed file-based playlist? @ Andre: "file-saved version stays the same. Internally created or edited playlists are more flexible in terms of editing" But once an internal Playlist had been saved and had to be restored it becomes inevitable a file-based Playlist and all the editing options are gone... ! The functionality of the app has then gone. It all could be overcome when imported file-based playlists could be imported/incorporated/transformed into internal playlists. Are you power amp staff members or "just" enthusiastic users? I see many other users have questions concerning the playlist confusion. I cannot understand why this is not delt with.
  8. Saving (exporting) internal playlists is important in case of losing the playlists for different reasons or in order to change the mobile phone and re-install Poweramp using the old playlists. But then the former playlists become file-based playlist, which are not editable! The solution would be to change ("incorporate") the file based playlist into an internal playlist again with all the options for editing them. These new internal playlists can then again be saved for backup reasons and so on. So please make the file-based playlists, once imported, changeable to internal playlists. Thank you in advance.
  9. Sorry to be persistent: What do you suggest, when I have lost the playlists or changed the device and therefor have to reimport the before saved playlists: How will I edit this playlists after this new start? How can I save the imported PL with the newly added songs, when I cannot generate a new internal PL including the old songs? A new internal playlist would always have to be a fully naked one? This doesn't make sense to me. How do others deal with this problem? Thank you for your help.
  10. Thank you TheoKlink and andrewilley, andrewilley has made the point: after rescan alll changes are gone. Even when I restart Poweramp, the data based playlist always greet me "not loaded yet". I stick to it: Having both types is confusing. Importing and exporting ist great, but once imported the formerly file based playlists should be "incorporated" or modified into a "decent" internal database. This would make the use less "confusing". Once incorporated it can again be exported to save the playlist .... I would be very happy you could offer this possibility in al later update .... Thank you!
  11. AS I understand there are 2 types of playlists: 1) poweramps own "internal" PL 2) file based PL My questions: Where are the internal PL saved? I cannot find the PL titles when I am screening my file library using a file manager app. Are they hidden/encrypted in a file? What happens to a file based PL when I am adding a new song to it? When I am checking this file after changing the PL the file date has not changed. Are the changes saved in the internal PL file?The options of importing/exporting PL are good, but in everydays use of the App I would prefer having only one type of PL, the "internal" Poweramp type. Two I find confusing. That would mean: The imported file-PL becomes a "internal" PL. Exporting the playlist (=saving) creates a file, which can be reimported later in case of damage or transferred to another smartphone. I am not sure if I missing somewhat or whether this post should be sent in Suggestions. Thx gol
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