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Where are my songs?


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Where are my songs? I have songs in the SD card that aren't showing up to be played. The FAQ says:

Please ensure you have all your folders with music actually checked in Poweramp Settings => Folders and Library => Music Folders.

...but it doesn't show HOW TO DO THIS!

Where are the instructions for these things?

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As you have said, first use the menu button to select the Poweramp "Settings" menu, then click on "Folders and Library", then "Music Folders". Then from the list of locations and folders that is displayed, make sure the place where you store all of your music is ticked so Poweramp knows to look there. It should normally be enabled by default though.

Personally, I suggest starting by unticking everything from the very top level, then drill down the directory tree to find the relevant "Music" folder, or whatever you have decided to name your music location, and just tick that. On my device that would be /storage/extSdCard/MusicFolders, but the path names can vary by device.


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