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  1. Theoklink: Thank you, where would I find your website? URL? My brain works better when I can read some directions, sometimes over and over, until I work my way through. Andre: I have my music moved to Poweramp, but the only place it shows up "correctly" is in the folders. The paylists that are in Poweramp just showed up, I never put them there. I haven't tried making my own playlists, other than creating them in a folder beforehand, and loading that folder to my SD card. This "works" well enough that I'll probably wind up paying for the full version, it's certainly better than anything else
  2. How do I put them in M3U format? I didn't import playlists, these empty folders appeared after I put my music on the SD card. The song lists, when I click on a folder and play an album, are the same track order as the album/CD. I've gotten the hang of getting my music to play, but I still have to "assemble" the playlists from itunes by adding songs one by one to a folder and uploading that folder to the SD card. Soem import the first time, others take several trys. I can say that I AM learning patience... I'm going to try to paste the image directly into this window...looks like that won't wor
  3. OK, here is a screen shot, 7 playlists of Deja Vu by Crosby Stills Nash & Young. 3 without the ampersand, 4 with it, all empty. I only have one folder for this album on the SD card, but this is what comes up under paylists. The folder is intact under Folders, but not all folders are. it won't let me add a jpeg, how can I show you a screen shot?
  4. some folders are coming across intact, others, not so much. I can see a certain song if I go to computer, phone, external storage/SD card, music, so I know it's there. However, it will not show up on the list of songs nor in the folder it's supposed to be in. Clicking on Playlists seem to be totally useless, as they are all empty and several copies of the same empty palylists with numberds after them. Here is what the first 4 items look like: 10,000 Maniacs-In My Tribe 0 songs 10,000 Maniacs-In My Tribe 1 0 songs 10,000 Maniacs-In My Tribe 2 0 songs 10,000 Maniacs-In My Tribe 3 0 songs S
  5. Thank you, I'll slog on for the rest of my free trial period. Is there any reason I would get playlists that have nothing in them, and multiple examples of the same empty playlists when I try to bring music to Poweramp?
  6. sorry. I was just frustrated again. I'll keep my questions to the other threads so i don't have so many open at once. The real specific thing I need to know is if I can move playlists directly from iTunes, or if I should just resign my self to building them over again, song by song, in Poweramp. I've written this on the other threads, so maybe we can abandon my excessive threads and concentrate on one. Sorry for all the excess...
  7. I'll try again, maybe I'm not pressing long enough? I've moved other icons to the front/home screen without problems before so I don't know why this one is resisting the move. This is the least of my issues, obviously, but if I DO get Poweramp to work correctly, I will need to solve it. I really do want to get it to work correctly while I'm in free trial mode, so I'll feel better about paying for something that actually works. I'm tired of trying the different free versions and not getting a music player that works, and I'd like to just get ONE to function. This has been a big part of my frust
  8. OK, I should have said that I'm new to Android right at the start, so I've never had to learn an android app like this before. I didn't know they don't come with instructions. And, having been an apple person for a good part of my computing life, I'm not picking up on the android way of doing things as fast as I think I should be. I think part of my problem is that maybe my music isn't filed "correctly" in itunes. Some is by album name, some is by artist. I have single songs by one artist as well as several songs from one album without the rest from the same album. I may have gotten so used to
  9. well, that brings it down to what I REALLY need to know. I want to bring all my music from itunes to my phone. I have thousands of songs in my collection and have only "stored" them in itunes over the years. I had tried double twist and it screwed up my itunes so badly, I can't even begin to describe the hours I spent trying to put things back. I didn't uninstall double twist before I tried to use Poweramp, so it did it again yesterday with its auto sync. All my songs are totally scrambled in itunes again. So, if I'm going to switch to Poweramp, and want to bring my playlists over, how should
  10. also, Andre, since these forums are on the Poweramp web page, I assumed it was a forum run by the company, and I thought they might have a costomer service team or something to answer all my questions. my bad...
  11. OK, this I tried multiple times, it just keeps turning the app on without moving the icon. By now I can get to the icon in settings quickly enough, so I'll deal with getting my music to be where it's supposed to be first and then worry about turning it on in a more convenient manner. If I can't get the music and playlists straight, there won't be any need to turn it on. Thank you.
  12. OK, thank you. That's a more specific set of steps. sorry I'm so frustrated by this, but it's not as intuitive as I'd read in the reviews. I did quite a bit of research before settling on this player.
  13. believe me, I tried that for a couple of hours before signing up and asking my questions. I'm not a total noob to computers and programs. Thanks...
  14. Thanks again, Andre. Some of the stuff in my SD card came over correctly, but some albums broke up into several iterations of the album with one or two songs in each. Daft Punk, for instance came up as 12 different albums of the same name but with one song each. I'm using a fairly new Moto e, and all my playlists in iTunes are intact, that is, just one playlist/a;bum for Daft Punk.
  15. thank you Andre, I'm just really frustrated that there aren't any instructions for this kind of thing. I tried following the pop up hints, when I could read them, but somethings aren't working the way the hints say they will. Not to beat a dead horse, but this is like buying a car without an owners manual and having to go online and try to find someone who can tell you how to start the engine. You can probably tell I'm an old...
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