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I've looked through a bunch of forum topics to find a solution but didn't find a fix, so if someone can help me out here that would be appreciated.  I'm not the most tech-savvy and I'm not a programmer, by the way.  The closest thread I found was (http://forum.powerampapp.com/index.php?/topic/6258-Poweramp-database-missing-song/) but I still couldn't find the solution to my problem.


The problem I'm having, in summary, is: Poweramp is missing songs from playlists.


Basic info:

* Phone: Samsung Galaxy Note 3, unrooted

* Computer: MacBook Pro, Retina

* I've used the full unlocked version of Poweramp for years.  Had similar problem with missing songs before, that I thought I solved by creating all my mp3 files and playlists exactly the same way.  Maybe I just didn't pay enough attention to notice it after a while, but recently I noticed some of my newly transferred songs weren't playing, only to realize they weren't appearing on the Poweramp playlist.


To make things uniform I treat all my music files the same way as follows:


1. All of my music files are opened in an audio editor (Goldwave) and resaved as mp3 files at the same bit rate. 


2. All the mp3 files are then tagged using mp3tag.


3. All the mp3 files are then opened in iTunes and added to the appropriate playlists in iTunes.


4. Fresh m3u playlists are exported from iTunes, and the .m3u files are then copied to a "Playlists" folder on my Note 3's external SD card.


5. All the mp3 files are copied to my Note 3's external SD card.  All music folders on the external SD card are exactly the same as on my computer/hard drive.


6. In Poweramp's Folders and Library menu I click "Music Folders" and then I select exactly, and only, two things (both on the "/storage/extSdCard"):


a. "/Music" This is my main music folder.  In it are dozens of sub-folders named by artist, in which are the mp3 files.  The folder structure and names, etc., are exactly the same as on my computer and hard drive.


b. "/Playlists" This is the folder where I put my m3u playlist files.


7. Poweramp performs a Full Rescan. 


8. Note that I repeated these steps as freshly as I could, such as after going into Application Manager for Poweramp and clicking "Clear data" and "Clear cache".  I also uninstalled Poweramp and Poweramp Full Version Unlocker, then reinstalled them.




1. The main problem is that in Poweramp, the newly-imported playlists are missing songs.  For example, my main playlist ("0 My Music Library.m3u") has 2125 songs in iTunes, but in Poweramp it shows only 2105 songs.  This is the problem I REALLY want to have solved.

* Note that if I go into Poweramp's "Artists" menu, the songs are there, and if I click on them there, they will play.  The songs just don't show up in the .m3u playlists themselves.


2. A secondary (perhaps minor) problem is that when I scan in Poweramp (as noted above in steps 1-7/8), some playlists appear twice.  For instance, I have playlists called "00 Favorites" and "000" and they both show up at least twice in the playlists menu of Poweramp.


Again, please note that I'm not a programmer and not the most tech-savvy (I get the basics).  If someone has a solution to my problem, that would be wonderful if you could share it and help me solve these problems.  Thanks.






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JCH can I suggest the following approach:

- use a text editor and open one of the .m3u playlists under consideration. Now check if all the expected tracks are listed. I assume that you know which  tracks are missing so you can use the search facility to quickly find them. If they are there then it is clear that the issue lies with Poweramp.

- If they are not found then there is something amiss with either the way in which the m3u playlist is created. Given that you export them from iTunes, this may be the issue as it may add Apple specific additional data to the m3u. 

- Alternatively, there is some issue with the particular tracks (for instance perhaps non visible (control) characters in the filename ). Try and rename a small sample of missing mp3 tracks using the actual tracknames.

If none of this works perhaps my app Playlist Manager by theoklink on Google Play can be of use to you. It has functionality to view (and get detail) on all tracks on a playlist. You could use this to check if they all exists in the m3u. The paid version has m3u export functionality so perhaps you can use this instead of the Apple proprietory iTunes.

You can contact me through my website 


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