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How to choose your own Album Art


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I owe a humungous thankyou to the guy who posted this comment:



I must admit, I LOVED the ³ app for playing music but it always annoyed me that it didn't have the option to play by folder


Discovered Poweramp has that option so downloaded the trial and then payed for it.


THEN I discovered it kept giving me the wrong Album art, which annoyed me no end cos at least in my old player I could CHOOSE, so I spent most of today googling and trying all kindsa weird things to sort it out and finally stumbled across the link above.


I downloaded Mp3tag  on my PC and embedded my chosen album art into my MP3 files and then RE-transferred them to my phone


Now it works like a dream :D


Thank you very much Willem


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Adding track artwork to the MP3 tags is the best solution overall for multiple app use, yes.

However you do know that you can long-press on the artwork shown in the Poweramp player screen to get Poweramp to search for new images don't you? It keeps your choice in a local cache rather than writing it back to the music file itself, but it works fine for day-to-day Poweramp use.


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