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  1. Samsung S9+ running Android 9 stock Even though 'Start Playing Queue Immediately' is disabled, whenever I add anything to queue it still starts playing immediately...
  2. I had the same issue with the latest beta version of Nova on Samsung S9+, but after I deleted the incorrect one I haven't been able to replicate it again...
  3. Hallelujah - playlist details back in caturi in intents! Many thanks Max! 😊
  4. Fixed in build 825... Thanks Max! 😀
  5. I have a fully reproducible app crash in this version - if I add a track to a playlist from search results the app crashes (long press one of the search results and select '+Playlist' then choose the playlist to add the song to, Poweramp just closes). This only happens from search results - adding in the same way from 'All songs' etc still works fine. Samsung Galaxy S9+, Android Pie. I've sent a crash report...
  6. Pretty much what it says on in the title - would be great if there was an option to have songs automatically removed from playlists after they have been played...
  7. Working fine for me. Latest beta, Samsung S9+, Android Pie, Nissan Connect system
  8. No, not for me - I have nothing in queue. Also haven't added anything to the playlist while it was playing. Only thing I can think of is that I paused play for a while using bluetooth controls.
  9. I'm playing tracks in a playlist. Currently my widget is Juice Newton, currently playing song is actually Bob Dylan, and the mini player is a Rolling Stones track that isn't even in the playlist. I haven't had any updates, or removed the SD card (where the tracks are stored) or anything like that which might trigger a rescan. I've seen this occasionally in the past, but unfortunately can't replicate. When others report this Max always just says it's down to a rescan being in progress, but I'm not sure it's as simple as that... Will have a try to reproduce it over the weekend. Galaxy S9 Plus, Android Pie...
  10. Ah - the Save button! Should have thought of that! Thanks man!
  11. I know I'm going to be mocked for this, and probably rightly so, but where on earth do you set per track equaliser? I'm in build 812 and have spent about 20mins looking everywhere...
  12. Build 810 Samsung Galaxy S9+ Public beta of Android 9 Playlists are being wiped with every Android update - it's happened twice now. The playlists are still there, but have 0 songs in them after update.
  13. Looks good. Would be useful to have a screenshot of the skin settings screen though so we can see what all the options are before purchasing...
  14. There seems to be a light issue when you delete items from a queue. For example, imagine you have 10 songs in the queue - for convenience imagine they are from the same album, and numbered tracks 1-10. Scenario 1 - paused If you have played the first 3 tracks, so track 4 is currently the active track, then you delete the first 3 tracks from the queue, track 4 should remain the active track - but it actually becomes track 7 - and if you select play then track 7 will start playing and tracks 4-6 will never play Scenario 2 - playing If you have played the first 3 tracks, so track 4 is currently the active track, then you delete the first 3 tracks from the queue, track 4 remains playing, but in the mini player and main screen the details for track 7 are displayed. Samsung Galaxy S9+, Android 8.0
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