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Can't restore Poweramp purchase


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I hope someone here can help me. I have bought Poweramp in 2011 for my Galaxy SI then I got Galaxy SIII but I didnt use Poweram for it I was happy with stock player. Now I have One Plus One and I want to use Poweramp Player on it. Here is the problem. I'm being asked to pay for full version and when I'm trying to restore my purchase with an e-mail option I'm being asked for email and Order ID. I dont have Order ID there is nothing about it in email sent to me after the purchase. Here is the email.


Dear Marek W, Thank you for using PayPro, the secure online ordering system. Your purchase details are as follows:


  Product Name Unit Price Quantity Total Price 1 Poweramp Full Version Unlocker 3.64 EUR (4.99 USD) 1 3.64 EUR (4.99 USD)

Taxes: 0.76 EUR (1.05 USD)

Total Purchase Price: 4.40 EUR (6.04 USD)

First, please download and install latest Poweramp Trial application here:


Please do the following to install/activate Poweramp Full Version Unlocker:

  • ensure you have Unknown Sources enabled in Android Applications Settings
  • in your phone browser open this temporary link (it will disappear in few days, but you can request the link again via email) to download Unlocker:

    Full Version Unlocker

  • open/install downloaded Unlocker APK file via Downloads screen in browser.
  • start Poweramp as usual. The license is checked once and cached for 4 months.
Your product can be activated on the phone with Google Account:


After you installed the Unlocker, you don't need to run anything except the Poweramp icon itself.

Full Version Unlocker is a plugin for Poweramp which transforms it into Full Version.

Unlocker doesn't start any processes. It's a sort of a license key.

You can re-install Poweramp Full Version unlocker any time as long as you use the google account you bought it with.

This means you can do a complete phone reset or even change the phone to the new one.

You are granted 15 automated Full Version activations, You can request more activations by sending email to Poweramp.maxmpz@gmail.com.

On any questions, please contact Poweramp dev at Poweramp.maxmpz@gmail.com

or contact PayPro at: https://www.payproglobal.com/support_request.aspx and we will assist you promptly. 

Best regards,

PayPro Client Care



Please help me

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I have a similar but different problem. I purchased the player full version before anything was installed. Got the email with the order ID but when I try to install and Restore Purchase to unlock the full version I can't get it to activate (trial version, full version or unlocker). The instructions aren't clear. I go to Settings and Already Purchased and go to Website (or Google Play) to restore purchase and there is no place to enter my ID #. When I try to install the unlocker and choose $3.99 it asks for payment (already purchased the software) and one of the choices is redeem. So I figure that is where to put in my ID. It always comes up as invalid. I don't even know if this is where I am supposed to put in the number.


The instructions don't work for me and I have tried a hundred times. They seem generic and not specific enough to get the job done. What am I missing? 

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If you are using a website purchased license, you should also be using the version of the app downloaded directly from the website rather than from Google Play. See the sticky post at the top of this forum to download the latest version.

(just got back from vacation and catching up with posts here and doing some de-spamming, I didn't get much time to look while I was away)


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