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m4a issue, loudness issue and crashing issue

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Poweramp Version:  2.0.10-build-571-play (Full Version)

Model Number: Samsung Galaxy Note 3 LTE SM-N9005

Android Version: 4.4.2

Custom ROM: X-Note v21


Since the last update I experience crash when in library I try going through albums - I just open an album, then go back to the album selection and open another album. It usually happens on the 2nd or 3rd opened album. Also when I leave an album it doesn't show where I left off, it brings me back up to the top of album list. This issue was non-existent on previous versions, I even uninstalled and downloaded an older version of Poweramp from a torrent site (by the way you should provide previous versions somewhere on the site/forum for occasions like mine) and this album problem was solved. I'm gonna send a log in the next few hours so you can see what exactly is happening.


Another problem is: I recently converted all my music to aac (.m4a extension) with Winamp Pro on my pc, and then in Poweramp I noticed most of the files skip in the begging - in the first few seconds there is a little, not exactly skip, but like the music is fastened, like 2 seconds of the song are put in 1, and then everything goes back to normal. At first I thought it's winamp's fault but then I played the files with the samsung stock music player and google play music and this little skip was gone. 


And that's how I found the last issue - while testing out the files with other players I found out that at the same volume level Poweramp is quieter than both Play Music and Samsung's music player. I use a little mod which boosts the sound by changing a few values in system/etc/mixer_paths.xml 

I also have Viper4Android installed but it is turned off, and processing is shown as OFF, I'm mentioning this because I don't know if V4A's engine can interfere with Poweramp during installation, so just in case..

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I just want to mention: I tried changing Audio Buffer Size and Audio Thread Priority and it doesn't solve my issues.


edit: tried converting same file with winamp to CBR aac at 256kbps (I thought aac was all about variable bitrate though?? idk why there is CBR option), VBR aac at max quality (apparently 6, when it was done Poweramp said 448kbps) and CBR mp3@320kbps, and both aac files had this little skip but the mp3 is perfectly fine... guess I'll have to convert my entire library for the 3rd time T__T

also, it may be a winamp problem after all... I have a few files which I downloaded in m4a (alac and aac files) and they don't have this skip, only some of the ones i personally converted had it 

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i sent a log, will now send a few sample files

by the way, I also noticed it's not always a skip, sometimes it's a little pop (i'm not sure how to describe it, kinda reminds me of the sound speakers make when you touch with finger the jack(end of cable which u plug in phone/other source) and then remove it) 

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