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  1. Hi I have Samsung Galaxy Note 8 with Dolby Atmos support and when I play any multichannel flac (like Dark Side of the Moon Quad or others 5.1/7.1 albums) the audio is not played correctly, it's only playing 2.0. When I play the same flac file in VLC I can hear all the song and channels. This is normal? My Poweramp version is v3-build-838-arm64-play [838004-b48a502a]
  2. Updated to v3-build-826-play (Versão Completa) and the problem solved. thanks.
  3. Hello everyone. I have the last version of Poweramp and really love this player. But this days something is driving me crazy XD My phone: Samsung Galaxy Note 8 Android: Pie (without root) Headphone: AKG (Samsung headphone) Well... I will reproduce all the steps, look at the attached image. Did you see the volume level with screen mirroring icon? - i'm in anywhere, street, subway, store... - I put my wired AKG headphone; - Start Poweramp; - Find a good music (Pink Floyd, huh?) and play; - So touch the volume button to + volume and.... the sound is muted (goes all far left in volume level bar) and start, from zero, growing untill reach the maximum (or other volume level). Why? Imagine my midia volume level about 40%. So I put my phone, start Poweramp, start playing a song and when I go to increase volume level the midia volume is muted and start growing from zero. Before chromecast support this not happened. I've noticed the Screen mirroring in the volume level indicator (see attached image, somedays before this icon not exists and all was ok) Some help, please? Thank you all!! \o/
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