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Missing album art... but not everywhere

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  • 4 weeks later...

Same (or similar?) issue at me.


I can see album art on player screen, Poweramp lockscreen and widget, but can't see it at folder view.


Bug effects only in-folder *.jpg album arts (I usually have in-folder cover.jpg files), embedded album arts are displayed properly everywhere.


Same bug appears on two devices:

 - Asus TF300T tablet running Android v4.2

 - Sony XPeria Z1 Compact phone running Android v4.4


This bug appeared with build 565.

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Can confirm as well, as of lastest version.


The only art work that has stopped working is the folders that use Cover.jpg.


My structure is like this if there is more than one CD folder:



-- Red Hot Chili Peppers [using Cover.jpg which resides in the this folder - No longer working, had no problems prior to update]

- CD1 [Works via embedded in the MP3s]

- CD2 [Works via embedded in the MP3s]


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